Reversing motorhome hits pole and causes power cut

Published: July 9, 2015

The potential dangers of reversing a big rig have once again been highlighted by an accident in the north Queensland beachside paradise of Dingo Beach.

No one was injured when a motorhome reversed into a power pole outside the Dingo Beach Hotel in the Whitsundays … but more than 800 local residents were left without electricity.

The Mackay Daily Mercury reports that the vehicle ‘clipped’ a power pole as it moved backwards, and power lines came down as a result.

Ergon Energy had to respond to the damage by isolating the power supply, and 841 customers were without power for about half an hour.

While the incident may have caused some embarrassment for the motorhome driver involved and some inconvenience to some homeowners, reversing accidents can have far more devastating consequences.

Yesterday, we reported on an incident in the United States in which a 74-year-old woman was killed as she tried to guide her husband into a truck stop parking spot.

  • Have you ever hit anything – or nearly hit anything – while reversing your caravan or motorhome? Do you have a reversing camera? Comment below.
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Madelon Lane
7 years ago

I predict almost everyone will have a story, we did it with our camper but not yet our motor home thank God. We did however rip our awning on a street tree in Great North Rd Adelaide in the first 20 minutes of the trip to bring our new purchase home, dang!


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