Driver rolls caravan after swerving to avoid goat

Published: September 6, 2017
Caravan rollover near Kalbarri

The dangers that wandering wildlife pose to grey nomads has again been graphically illustrated by a horror accident near Kalbarri in Western Australia.

A man in his 50s was lucky to escape without serious injury when his rig rolled after he swerved to avoid hitting a goat on the North West Coastal Highway.

The 4WD and caravan both toppled over after the driver veered onto the gravel verge and lost control.

Kalbarri police said the 4WD and caravan were badly damaged while the driver suffered only minor bruising … and they had this warning for grey nomads and other travellers.

“If you see wildlife on the road, please don’t swerve!” said a spokesperson. “This motorist escaped with minor injuries only.”

The West Australian newspaper reports that the accident happened on Saturday. The man was held in hospital overnight for observation but was discharged on Sunday morning.

The goat is believed to have escaped without injury.

  • Have you ever come a cropper – or nearly come a cropper – while trying to avoid wandering wildlife? Have you ever collided with an animal in the Outback? Comment below.
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Arthur white
4 years ago

It looks like its time to bring in some foam of licensing with more and more accidents appending my be a set of questions about caravans a few videos of accidents some questions and answers 4x4s and cars are getting bigger mor powerful and faster something similar to the gun license its time

helen gittings
4 years ago

Don’t swerve!! learnt that when I was learning to drive.

Terry W Trudgen
4 years ago

Arthur White. People have a licence to drive cars. They crash. People have a licence to ride motor bikes. They crash. People have a licence to drive trucks. they crash. Why do you think it would be any different if you had to jump another hurdle to get a different licence. People will still crash. NB I’ve seen a lot of goats close to the road and they are not stupid. They don’t run in front of you.

4 years ago

Hey Arthur, I disagree…Of course goats run in front of you, surely you’ve seen a kid on one side and its mother on the other, etc…guess what happens when a car or truck come along the long…they want to be together all of a sudden…Your statement is not correct. Goats generally aren’t as erratic as kangaroos, that’s for sure, and in many instances goats will graze close to the road and are much more traffic aware…but all wildlife can be unpredictable. Slow down, don’t evade wildlife by swerving hard at speed, load your van correctly, tow a van that’s within your vehicles towing specifications…oh and Arthur, Goats, do run in front of you, I’ve seen it myself on occasions. Be prepared for the unexpected.

4 years ago

To drive a light rigid vehicle one needs to upgrade their licence owing to the weight so I believe there should be a restriction on the weight that is allowed to be towed on a car licence to many people who have never towed anything go & buy a big heavy caravan.

4 years ago

only time we have ever came close to a cropper was when a truck pulled out right in front of us when we were traveling on an 80 kmh road – he then turned in at the next corner – thank you for sway bar.

Hey Jim
4 years ago

Back in 2012 we were south of Carnarvon WA 9.30am when an Emu stepped in front of us from behind a salt bush at 100kmph.
Q.My wife asked if I had killed it.
A. I don’t know. Its still 150ft up in the air.*&%$#@&. Go Figure.


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