Caravan rolls over after hitting highway guard rail

Published: April 21, 2021

A caravan has flipped after the driver of the tow vehicle lost control and hit a guard rail on a New South Wales highway.

Incredibly, no one was seriously hurt in the accident which happened earlier this week on the New England Highway just south of Muswellbrook.

The Newcastle Herald reports that the caravan flipped onto its roof, leaving it overturned on the road.

Amazingly all three occupants of the car were able to walk away from the crash.

Paramedics assessed the patients at the scene, but no one had to be taken to hospital.

The Newcastle herald reports that the Rural Fire Brigade worked to clear the site and reopen the highway.

“Luckily the driver was unharmed and all services worked to clean up the mess,” a statement from Edinglassie Rural Fire Brigade said. “When travelling make sure you drive to conditions and take the appropriate rest breaks every two hours.”

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Wayne Emmerson
1 year ago

We passed another upturned van heading north near Tambo a couple of days ago

David Mayes
1 year ago

These accidents do not surprise me. With a 100klm per our speed limit when towing a caravan on WA roads I am amazed at how many caravan owners pass me when I am always sticking to the 100klm per hour limit. Many of those passing us are towing with a pathetically small 4 cylinder Ute which can be a disaster weighting (pun intended) to happen at high speeds (said David with a 3.5 tonne towing monster!)

Pauline Kapral
1 year ago
Reply to  David Mayes

We Max 90 on a good road. Thats plenty and uses less fuel

1 year ago

Yes It’s no surprise Just because a tug has a max towing capacity of 3.5 ton dose not mean it’s safe to pull a 6m 2ton caravan, there is a huge difference between a 6m trailer full of bricks weighing 2 ton to a caravan of the same weight.
There is no mention in the manuals towing section of if it’s a load of bricks or a caravan of 3.5ton.
Proper Fatigue management (log books) along with some type of Articulated vehicle licence (“simply because that’s exactly what you are in control of”) is badly needed.
You also need to face reality, age fitness health issues and especially medications need to be logged, as these all effect your ability to respond,
Eventually it will take several fatalities for change, it wont happen through any government agenda it will be through the insurance industry as they have the most $$$$ to lose.
As things stand now the owners/ drivers bare the responsibility of fit for purpose, based on legal requirements that are vague inadequate and rarely policed if ever. And how about calling it what it really is an INCIDENT not an ACCIDENT.
And yes I once drove trucks for a living..

1 year ago
Reply to  mysterytour

We have often said towing training should be mandatory for anyone towing a caravan, this should also include weight capacity and distribution training. Amazingly caravans are not sold ‘fit for purpose’, it’s up to the owner to learn what is required and modify to meet requirements. Crazy, yes, but that’s how it is at the moment.

1 year ago

Looks like a van with no weight distribution bars fitted. That and speed always means an accident. In agreement with speed limits on caravans at max 90 kmph.

Steve Paris
1 year ago
Reply to  Graham

Studying this photo of the up-turned caravan, it’s impossible to make the assumption that a weight distribution hitch had NOT been used. The fact of the matter is, using a weight distribution hitch will not protect you from experiencing a ‘Micro-Sleep’, a huge gust of wind pushing you off the road, a poorly loaded caravan getting the death wobbles, a tyre blow-out, being forced off the road by an overtaking semi. Thank goodness the driver was uninjured.

8 months ago

An unexpected puff of wind or road hazard & any caravan will flip over no matter what it is or what it’s being towed by.
Seems to be a daily event these days.

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