Cabin-rotating caravan recognised for its lifestyle-changing potential

Published: November 8, 2023

An innovative new New Zealand-designed caravan has been further recognised for its inventiveness and lifestyle-on-the-road-changing potential.

The Romotow T8 has been selected as one of TIME magazine’s best inventions due to its outstanding and original design and functionality.

Hailed as the next evolution in mobile living, the van’s patented design allows for a compacted form when towing or not in use.

And, then, at the push of a button, the cabin rotates from the outer shell to reveal a covered patio that can be closed down for four seasons ‘camping’

The design was apparently inspired by the Swiss Army knife, and when the exterior shell is swivelled out, it adds up to 70% cent more living space.

Designers have previously said that with traditional caravan designs, you were often hot when inside it, and not really involved in the environment you were in.

The Romotow reportedly lends itself to airflow and is reportedly more aerodynamic than a regular caravan.

The Romotow is also very aerodynamic. PIC: Romotow

The company says that while it is totally mobile, the Romotow is not a normal caravan in that it is also ideal as a more permanent dwelling, a beach house, tiny home or luxury escape on a larger property.

To compile its list, TIME paid special attention to growing fields—such as AI, green energy, and sustainability.

Contenders were assessed on a number of key factors, including originality, efficacy, ambition, and impact.

“The result is a list of 200 groundbreaking inventions (and 50 special mention inventions)—including the world’s most powerful supercomputer, a game-changing entertainment venue, and a new shape—that are changing how we live, work, play, and think about what’s possible,” said TIME’s editors.

  • Could you see yourself enjoying life in the road in a Romotow … and wowing your fellow grey nomads at the same time? Comment below.

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You’d be stuck if you pressed the button and it didn’t retract or broke..
Like to see it rattle across the Great Central road too..!!

dead right Pat

Like the idea but; the drawbar should be on other end to prevent air/water/dust being forced into cavity when driving. Bad design error.

You would need a very long drawbar to put it at the other end as it would need to be put onto the axle due to there being no other place strong enough for it. Think about the extra cost involved if that was to be done, and the aerodynamics would be different too.

Last edited 6 months ago by Garry

I’ve never been to New Zealand so it might suit their climate, more rain, less dust, maybe.
Be ok if you never had to travel on a dirt road.

How much extra weight compared to an annex?

Not sure it & your vehicle would fit on most caravan sites

Is there a place I can check out the rowmotow on the net to see what it’s like and talk to bhilders
There are also YouTube videos
Just Google romotow
The Romotow T8 starts at NZ$429,000 (approx. US$268,500), and price escalates quickly once the buyer starts adding on options.28 Mar 2023


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