‘S plate’ proposal sparks criticism and concern

Published: November 11, 2015

The idea floated earlier this week of older drivers being asked to display an ‘S-Plate’ similar to the L or P-Plates for new drivers has continued to draw heavy criticism from grey nomads and others.

Insurer QBE found itself in the firing line for the suggestion, and was accused of singling out drivers for special treatment because of their age, rather than their driving record. QBE suggested  an opt-in “S1, S2” system where seniors would obtain scores from black box-style devices installed in their cars. These scores might be able to be submitted to licensing authorities in place of prescribed medical tests and driving exams.

National Seniors Australia chief, David Carvosso, led  the chorus of complaints, labelling the idea as ‘ageist’ and accusing it of targeting  older people unfairly and inappropriately.

“If we’re going that way – why not apply labels based on performance behind the wheel, regardless of age,” Mr Carvosso said. “If you’re a speeder, maybe you get an “SP”, if you’re a drink driver, maybe a “DD”.

A QBE spokeswoman told the Sydney Morning Herald it welcomed any community discussion regarding driver safety.

“The issue of ‘S’ plates and the use of driving tests is a matter for state regulators and QBE is not calling for a restricted licensing regime for older drivers,” she said.

* What special plates can you suggest for which sorts of drivers? Comment below.


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6 years ago

Let the clown who thought this up be the first to install it and measure his result. As a newish senior who has spent to long on the road I would suggest that age is not the problem.

6 years ago

I think all seniors should boycott QBE insurance, they don’t want our business anyway.

6 years ago

If they get this to work then what about an “O” plate for obese people ??

Clarke Mc Dowell
6 years ago

Why about T for thin or B for brown eyes the whole idea is ridiculous and will never be implemented.

6 years ago

And so over to the drink drivers or drug abuse drivers who put innocent people at risk with their driving habits.


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