Road safety warning as Easter weekend kicks off

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Sand dunes accident
Emergency services attend an incident in the Limestone Coast sand dunes. PIC: SAPOL / Adelaide Advertiser

With the roads about to get exceptionally busy as the hectic Easter weekend kicks off, grey nomads and other motorists are being urged to take extra special care.

In South Australia, 32 lives have been lost on the state roads already this year, and first responders are pleading with drivers to make smart decisions.

The Adelaide Advertiser reports that, over the Easter periods, the roads are historically three times more dangerous.

Limestone Coast Police operations manager, Inspector Campbell Hill, said road users must take responsibility for their behaviour.

“Enough is enough … 32 people have been killed at the moment because of some choice or another,” Inspector Hill told the Advertiser. “People can drive to their own conditions and do the right thing to the absolute nth degree but they can’t cater for those that aren’t doing the right things and those that are making stupid, selfish decisions.”

He said the region’s national parks were also a major concern after multiple deaths and serious injuries in recent years.

“It’s shaping up to be a really fantastic time over this Easter weekend coming,” Inspector Hill said. “What we don’t want to do is have people being airlifted out of our dunes.”

With national park visitation up 30% over the summer peak season and campsites in the region almost booked out, Limestone Coast Parks and Wildlife manager Nick McIntyre told the Advertiser that rangers would be out in force.

He said the coastal areas were a popular spot for four-wheel driving with the pandemic also leading to a rush from first time visitors.

“We really want to see everybody come and have a good time, but go home safely,” Mr McIntyre said. “Stick to the tracks… in the past what we’ve found that where things go wrong is if people go off track.”

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2 Responses to Road safety warning as Easter weekend kicks off

  1. Hello any recent reported sightings of flocks of Budgerigars- if so where and when please?

  2. Overland route Rd Hse to Denham road WA Sunday 28th/3 about 20/30 in flock

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