Camper given major fright in Litchfield’s ‘terror toilet’

Published: September 14, 2021

Most grey nomads are just a little bit cautious when going to the toilet in Outback campsites … and it pays to be!

Traveller Gary Godspeed had the shock of his life at the amenities block at the Florence Falls four-wheel drive campsite in the NT’s Litchfield National Park and found a snake so big it needed two cubicles!

The giant olive python – which can grow up to four metres in length – isn’t venomous, but the species is often mistaken for the deadly king brown snakes.

And although the over-sized reptile might not be seriously dangerous, the jury is still out on the large spider seen on the wall of the cubicle behind the snake’s head.

The picture taken by Gary and shared on Facebook by ABC Darwin has generated plenty of online comment, and there aren’t too many volunteers keen to visit ‘terror toilet’.

“Whoa … okay, rethinking the camping at Litchfield, far out,” said one commenter. “Seen too many photos of olive pythons digesting crocodiles and kangaroos to be relaxed around them!”

“Go in the tail end one… quickly!” was another observation.

“The snake is no worries, that spider on the wall though!” said another commenter.

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Barry Anderson
10 months ago

Puts a meaning to the old saying…just going for a snakes hiss.

Mark Grahame
10 months ago

Is the reason we have a toilet in our off-road van. Imagine a late night visit finding that crawling around your ankles!!!

Colin O’Connor
10 months ago

Yep, but unfortunately it wasn’t caravanning as we do often. It was on a trip to Timor without Church Parish to a sponsored village. The toilet was a little tin shack and the “toilet” was a hole in the ground with a cement tub of water and a ladle to “flush”. My first visit, whilst squatting, I looked up and about 10cm from my face was a very, very large Tarantula sitting in the corner of the shed. Needless the say, it was do the job and get outta there….

Neil Death
10 months ago

Snakes need to go to the toilet too……

Derek Barnes
10 months ago

We tried to go to the toilet at the Riversleigh World Heritage Site but it was swarming with literally thousands of wasps! We decided not to go in and waited until we got back to our caravan.

5 months ago

first thing i do when going to these toilets is check the rafters and all around just in case

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