Scooter-riding boy struck by car towing a caravan

Published: October 2, 2019
Boy struck by car towing a caravan

An 11-year-old boy on a scooter has been struck by a car towing a caravan in a Sydney suburb in an horrific start to the school holidays.

The boy reportedly suffered extremely serious injuries during the accident in Marayong in the city’s west. He was freed by bystanders before being treated by paramedics for leg injuries.

He was then taken to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in a serious but stable condition.

Shocked onlookers were seen consoling each other at the scene of the accident on Monday afternoon.

While the circumstances surrounding this incident are not known and it occurred in a suburban street rather than in a caravan park or camping area, it has once again highlighted the need for grey nomads and all travellers to remain vigilant in what can be a constantly changing camping environment … especially during the school holidays.

Caravanners and motohomers should always expect the unexpected as bad things do happen.

Earlier this year, a 17-month-old girl died after being struck by a 4WD vehicle at a caravan park in Lake Conjola on the New South Wales South Coast.

And grey nomad, Stewart Corfield, recalls an incident at a Gold Coast caravan park a couple of years ago.

“A kid playing with a ball dived under my car as I was reversing to hook on to my van,” he said. “I was looking backwards … and just glimpsed him going under to retrieve the ball!”

With children sometimes running and skating around erratically, and stressed travellers often preoccupied looking for their sites, it is easy to see why accidents do happen in caravan parks.

While many parks try to make things safer by implementing 10km/h speed limits and introducing speed bumps, there is no way you can legislate for the unpredictable behaviour of others.

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Mandy Soffe
2 years ago

All children racing around caravan parks on scooters and bikes should be made to wear helmets. The younger ones have no road sense or traffic awareness and are often not supervised.

2 years ago

I am 48 and travel when I can with my wife and 2 boys. I quite ofter yell out for people to slow down in parks because these idiots, of all ages, have no idea that 10km/h is only double walking speed. I’m astonished that there aren’t more incidents involving children in our lovely parks.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dean

I couldn’t agree more Dean, I too am sick of people speeding around caravan parks, both with and without van attached.

2 years ago

As long as parents on holiday think it is the responsibility of incoming and outgoing van drivers to supervise their children while going on site or off site more accidents will happen. Caravan parks are accommodating vans less and less and people in cabins having limited understanding that caravans are like trucks being manourved and children don’t play in truck yards as its dangerous. We have experienced at least 4 near accidents with little ones on scooters and trikes left to play unsupervised. Speed limits should be recognised by parents with children on bikes but the kids race through often one on one road and another on the next racing each other, shouting as they get excited and have no regard at all for speed, other motorists whether in car or towing. Parks need to advise parents that the rule applies to all on their park roads not just van drivers.

Maurie Young
2 years ago

Whether you have a van attached or not, driving faster than walking speed in a caravan park is dangerous. More supervision/education is also required when children are factored into the situation.


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