Anti-social behaviour sees foreshore camping banned

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Semaphore esplanade
Crackdown ... problems with campers has led to an overnight ban on parking at the Semaphore Esplanade.

A series of complaints about anti-social behaviour has sparked a major crackdown on overnight camping on the foreshore of an Adelaide seaside suburb.

Public urination and naked showering are among the problems that have led to Port Adelaide Enfield Council bringing in strict parking controls at Semaphore.

Parking will now not be allowed between 10pm and 5am in the car park along The Esplanade, where the majority of illegal camping has taken place.

The Adelaide Advertiser reports that other problems associated with the campers there have been the hanging of clothes lines between trees, cooking oil being poured into toilets, sinks and drains, and rubbish being left scattered around.

There are also concerns about staff being unable to maintain lawn and garden beds due to vehicles blocking access.

A council report said backpackers, as well as people in recreational vehicles and homeless people were the three types of camping typically seen along the foreshore.

Mayor Claire Boan told the Advertiser that some residents were positive about foreshore camping, as they believed extra people in the area at night added to community safety, while several others strongly opposed it.

“We’ve been working hard to look at different ways of dealing with the issue, but it’s proven to be a really difficult exercise,” she said. “The problem we could have is people just shifting from one place to somewhere else, so we’ll have to closely monitor the situation and encourage people to use our caravan parks.”

A report will brought back to council after 12 months outlining the impact and effectiveness of the parking controls

  • Do you understand why so many councils are eager to stamp out camping in foreshore car parks? Have you ever camped at Semaphore? Comment below.

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23 Responses to Anti-social behaviour sees foreshore camping banned

  1. A nationwide problem unfortunately where the select few ruin it for the others. We’ve seen our fair share of ferals out on the toad. It always amazes me as to how filthy some people can be and totally neglectful of our environment. Sad but not surprising. It’s a pity the laws must be made to cater for the lowest common denominator. It is not difficult to have self respect and consideration for your fellow travellers.

    • 100% agree

    • Just introduce minimum requirements self contained toilet, shower and water supply with grey water tanks – none of that and you get a fine.

      • How does that fix incorrect rubbish disposal??

    • Im suspecting you were actually parented
      These values were learnt at home
      When i was a child
      Those who did not have any respect for themselves or others
      Were few and far between
      How lucky we were
      How unfortunate those basic principles
      Are no longer a staple
      In the average aussie home

  2. Back Crappers spoil our reputation leaving trails of rubbish & toilet paper all over our country. Tasmania seem to have the right method displaying sings stating “No Camping, Caravans & Motor homes allowed” which weeds out the riffraff…

    • Along with the wonderful gentleman who emptied his cassette in the restaurant wash basin in Warwick Qld,your own generation is no better.

    • You are kidding Kelvin.

  3. If caravan parks weren’t so expensive more people would use them
    $38/n on a unpowered site is a bit steep.

    • Absolutely. THAT is the problem.

    • This has been an ongoing concern for years. The park operators reply by saying that they are barely making a living after rates, water, power etc. Are paid for. Dunno who to believe.

    • Totally agree far too expensive for what you get

  4. All councils could have a vehicle registration process on an app for people to stay overnight in certain places. Then numbers could be controlled and people would be less likely to litter etc. Like they do in some national parks.

  5. If you can’t afford a place to stay it doesn’t give you the right to behave like disgusting filthy pigs in free camping public places!!!

  6. Tasmania seems to have the answer in most places with thousands of free camping spots and toilets provided, but I guess you’ll always have a few Bogan that ruin it…

    • There is what should be a beautiful parking area(not set up for campers ), but a stop used by so many at Conara in Tasmania, frequented by so many mostly as a stop, easy access, expansive turning areas a few tables and even TREES so you don’t bake in the sun.
      Northern Midlands council are going to CLOSE IT AND FENCE IT OFF ‼️.
      Stand up people and prove this area is worthy of being kept open.
      There seems to be a small minority that think it is there for their destruction at times …. Mostly to leave their trash .
      Then a poor random mowing practice helps people’s attitudes too.
      I think it may have been the last now, was done best I’d seen for a long time. My CC, loves it there , as all I need is a plastic bag.
      Why the council can not offer some responsibility to a few of the residents in Conara to care for it , for their rates etc . Pride ❗ Purpose ❗ Would equal APPRECIATION of a mammoth amount of traveler’s interstate , local , traveling through, tourists.
      Comments I’ve heard talking to some of these people are saddened the toilet facility has gone and the neglectful state state of the Park.
      As they have conveyed it doesn’t need heap’s of new things , just a neater more regular mow, A TOILET. SELF COMPOSTING… and again offering it to the town to check for easy maintenance.

  7. There are good and bad in all walks of life

  8. Over 40 dollars at Tathra park a night, similar to the park overnight at Jindabyne.. Park’s have got to start bringing there prices down to encourage travellers to stay.

  9. the basic rules of camping which some people may have never taught, are as follows 1when you leave the sight must look exactly the same as when you arrived 2 it is not allowed to disturb anybody while you are there, use public toilets where avalible ,and no nudity unless allowed by council ,

  10. Simple solution! Stay home! You don’t know what the local shire and other costs that the caravan park are charged to cause the price they charge, and aren’t the caravan park owners allowed to make a profit on their investment.

    • you hit the nail on the head Ian. Land tax, shire rates, water rates, sewerage rates and any other rate the authorities wish to charge. After all those charges, the Park owner has to pay back his loan to the bank unless he owns the park and then make a profit after his living costs.
      Why would you take on a park if you didn’t make a profit.
      Most people who whinge about caravan park prices have never worked for themselves.

  11. Money money money to suport council and local accommodation/caravan parks.
    This is the peoples land, more so aboriginal land, not government and big businesses land.
    Solution charge $5 a night and improve amenities, but that does not make businesses sense, money money money greed!

  12. Freedom campers have cramped in their nests in New Zealand we don’t want them any more ,they leave rubbish everywhere,break into kiwi cars,excrement Nd toilet paper on every grass area,kiwis can’t get. To beaches Nd tracks,blocked by them,I could go on and on and on

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