Pair discover the ‘pit-falls’ of camping in heavy rains

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Byron Bay campsite sinkhole
A Juicy campervan got stuck in a sinkhole after a campsite landslide. PIC: Sunday Mail

There are plenty of travellers who have had their Big Lap plans affected by the torrential rains that have been falling in many parts of the country recently … but  perhaps none so dramatically as the overseas tourists who found their campervan sucked into a giant sinkhole!

The 53-year-old and 51-year-old Latvian couple were camping at Reflections Holiday Park at Clarkes Beach in Byron Bay last weekend when the drama unfolded.

The pair told police they were sleeping inside their Juicy Campervan when they felt it begin to shake in the early hours of the morning. Their vehicle then rolled into a large opening that had

Campervan falls into sinkhole

A crane was used to extract the vehicle. PIC: Sunday Mail

formed in the ground.  The Sunday Mail reports that the fast flowing water caused by heavy rains had uprooted trees and caused a landslide.

The pair were not injured but were unable to retrieve their belongings from the sink hole-type crevasse that had formed until the following morning.

Tweed Byron Detective Chief Inspector Matt Kehoe told The Sunday Mail the area remains unsafe and is fenced off.

Detective Chief Inspector Kehoe said the tourists involved were in good spirits and had joked they only planned for sharks on their Australian adventure, not a landslide.

A crane had to be used to lift the campervan from the giant hole in the ground.

Reflections Holiday Park declined to comment.

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2 Responses to Pair discover the ‘pit-falls’ of camping in heavy rains

  1. This situation would no doubt cause some consternation regarding liability. Could the van park (or the couple) claim “Äct of God” to prevent being liable for the damage to Juicy van?

  2. You can bet your bottom dollar the insurance companies are trying to fin a way to wriggle out of this one

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