Sleeping family escapes camper trailer blaze

Published: December 30, 2015
Sleeping family escapes camper trailer blaze at Teewah camping area in Queensland

Details are just emerging of a Boxing Day camping disaster in Queensland that could easily have ended in tragedy.

A family were camping at Teewah, north of Noosa, when their camper trailer reportedly spontaneously burst into flames as they slept.

“The kids are still traumatised,” their father, who asked not to be identified, told The Gympie Times.  “I was woken by the heat of the tent burning behind my head.I had to drag my wife out, she’s a heavy sleeper. The kids were in swags on the ground and one of the swags had begun to catch fire, but we got him out.”

The family were on their first camping trip in a camper trailer that was only three weeks old. They managed to save their 4WD, but it was badly burned at its back.

It is suspected that an electronic component in the camper trailer might have caught fire.

“The rims were melted and the trailer is a write-off,” Dave Elder, of Rainbow Beach towing, told the Gympie Times. “It was a pretty serious fire.”

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