Smithton hotel in Tassie frees up their grounds

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The spectacular Tarkine Wilderness is worth a visit

An award-winning Tasmanian hotel is thinking outside the square … and offering self-contained grey nomads a free place to park up for three days or so.

Tall Timbers in Smithton says it recognises the value that RV travellers bring to the local economy and has set aside free parking in its stunning grounds for up to 40 vehicles.

However, the offer is only open to those who have their own shower, toilet, washing, cooking and sleeping facilities. According to a report in the Circular Heads Chronicle, the vehicles must also have holding tanks for their sewage and grey water.

“We want to encourage those tourists with RVs to stay in Smithton and we think this can only help,” the sales and marketing manager of Tall Timbers, Sophie Kelly, told the paper.

“We have been working with the Circular Head Council to make sure we have all the right measures in place to allow the RVs to stay here.”

The maximum stay is for 72 hours in any 14 day consecutive period and the grounds will be available for self-contained RVs to stay from October 1 – May 31 each year.

“As well as being able to stay in our lovely grounds they will also have access to all of our other facilities,” she said. “Also, once they are here, hopefully they will stop off at other great spots and businesses in our region to enhance their Tassie holiday experience.”
Smithton is the gateway to the numerous attractions of Tassie’s north-west, including the Tarkine Wilderness.

Should other  businesses with suitable space follow the Tall Timbers’ lead? Will you use this facility? Comment below.


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10 Responses to Smithton hotel in Tassie frees up their grounds

  1. Sounds great, we have used beside the river but this could be better not to mention the added attraction of dining in the hotel. Well done Smithton.

  2. Always said that Tasmanians are ahead of the game, free camping on the river bank in smithton, free camping on the wharf at Stanley (300 meters from a c/p), must be because of our 2 heads. Smithton Born and bred but resting in broome

  3. in a heart beat !

  4. not only are the taswegians forward thinking, they are welcoming and friendly, lets hope the welcome mat is not abused. just wish Tassie was closer to wa..

  5. Are dogs allowed .

    • Hi Pam, thanks for asking.
      Yes dogs are certainly allowed at the venue in the parking area as long as they are kept tethered whilst other campers are around.


  6. We are heading to Tassie in Febuary 2014 and looking forward to everything Tassie has to offer , we have just completed the loop around the main land and have found more and more acceptance of the grey nomad visiting towns, we leave no foot print and all ways support the local businesses , thank you smithton for your pro active approach

  7. Fantastic idea. Thank you …defenetley I wpuld use it on my planed trip down there…
    And it’s about time for towns around oz make it happen you are loosing a lot of money…72 hours is more than fair to pay back the town for providing you a safe resting place in town…Cheers…

  8. Well done Tall Timbers. We would definitely take advantage of that offer and spend some money in the hotel and the surrounding businesses. I just hope they are able to make sure all RVs using this facility are properly self contained and that nobody abuses the privilege by dumping grey water on the ground as we have seen so often.

  9. Will definetly add Smithton to the ‘must stop’ spots during our Tassie trip in Feb. We will eat at the hotel, buy fuel in town and shop for all our groceries locally. Even a small convoy of 3 solo travellers will add to the economy of this proactive town. Imagine the boost once word gets out. Congratulations Smithton 🙂

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