Umbrella time! Grey nomads get very, very soggy!

Published: November 25, 2021

There’s an awful lot of soggy grey nomads at the moment, and the drenching rains that have been affecting many parts of the country aren’t done with us yet!

According to Jackson Browne, senior meteorologist with the Bureau of Meteorology, a low-pressure system sitting around the South Australian border region north of Broken Hill is forecast to edge in a south-easterly direction.

The ABC reports that flood watches extend from around Clermont, north of Emerald in Queensland and persist south through much of NSW, and parts of eastern South Australia, as well as parts of northern and eastern Victoria.

It says the rain band is expected to stretch from Charters Towers south through much of NSW and wrap into that low, bringing rain to southern NSW and Victoria.

Australia to get wet and grey nomads aren't happy

Rainfall is expected to be in the order of 25 up to 100 millimetres in places.

“If you get under a thunderstorm or severe thunderstorm, we could say falls exceeding even 100 millimetres,” Mr Browne told the ABC.

Across the country, Perth has been enjoying high temperatures and fine weather, but up in the Top End there have been some fairly intense storms although nothing record breaking.

With the La Niña climate driver now in full swing and expected to hang around until January, Mr Browne said it is no surprise that Brisbane is rainy with the climate driver just sitting off offshore.

“So yeah, buckle up. It’s only the third week of November and we’re expecting La Niña to persist until late January,” he told the ABC. “It will be a wet couple of months for those in eastern Australia.”

La Niña, the climate driver typically associated with wet conditions for eastern and northern Australia over summer. However, the Bureau of Meteorology has said this particular La Niña is expected to be relatively weak and short-lived.

But it doesn’t feel like that to many ‘over-it’ travellers.

“I’m just inland from the Gold Coast and I’m fed up with this wet weather,” said Mark David. “We had planned to do quite a bit of bushwalking in the parks in the hinterland here, but it’s not quite the same when it’s like this … oh well, another game of cards, I suppose!”

  • How’s the weather where you are? How do you entertain yourselves when things get soggy outside? Comment below.


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