Still no foreshore camping on Mornington Peninsula

Published: November 9, 2020

As Victoria records its 10th consecutive day of zero new Covid-19 cases and the ring of steel around Melbourne now dismantled, it would be easy to assume that it would soon be ‘business as usual’ as far as camping in the state is concerned.

However, there remain a high degree of caution.

Indeed, the hugely popular Mornington Peninsula area is to ban camping at shire campsites until February 2021, amid fears of a potential new outbreak of the coronavirus.

The shire’s CEO, John Baker, said the decision was made after careful consideration of the state government’s roadmap.

“Even as we hopefully move from step three into the last step of the roadmap and then Covid-normal, social distancing, density quotients, group sizes and a range of other measures will still be required,” he told 9News. “One of our major concerns is the transmission risk from people having to use the shared toilet and shower amenity blocks.”

The Mornington Peninsula Shire manages foreshore camping along the natural foreshore reserves in Rosebud, Rye and Sorrento.

An update on the reopening of foreshore camping will be provided in January.

Mr Baker insistent the ‘prudent approach’ was consistent with the Chief Health Officer’s advice which he said had underpinned the decision.

He told 9News that, while the council was disappointed the camping season has to be postponed, it was a necessary step to keep the community safe.

Areas usually occupied by campers will be made available for use by the public for picnics and other outdoor activities. Beachgoers will also be able to use the space to maintain social distancing requirements when beaches are busy.

Caravan parks are open across regional Victoria and Premier, Daniel Andrews, has urged Victorians to holiday in the state over the summer to help revive the local economy.

The NSW border with Victoria is due to open on November 23.

  • Do you have any concerns in using amenities in caravan parks and camping areas? Comment below.
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Maree Wilson
1 year ago

No problems at all using shared amenities on the foreshore. A lot of vans have their own facilities anyway.
Amenities will need to be open for day trippers, what difference will it make.
More chance of an outbreak with non traceable day trippers milling around.

Eliazabeth Buceto
1 year ago
Reply to  Maree Wilson

Totally agree, you can contact trace more effectivel with camperys, most campers know their neighbouring campers very well. All public places require amenities.
What is difference between these amenities and the public toilets at the shopping centre at Rosebud Plaza???
Absolutely ridiculous, most local businesses rely on the summer trade to get through Winter.
Do we want Victorians to spend money in Victoria???

1 year ago

This is a big joke i can go to a cafe restaurant and sit inside with aircon on but that is ok but camping in the outdoors near the bay is not allowed what a joke but mr andrews can use his toilets and all I ther features at his local golf club what a joke seriously wake up people this has gone to far


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