New Outback hot springs camping area on its way

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Talaroo on the Einasleigh River
An artist’s impression of some of the new tourism development currently being built at Talaroo on the Einasleigh River near Mount Surprise. PIC: Cairns Post

Grey nomads and other travellers will soon be able to access – and stay at – the Talaroo Hot Springs in Queensland’s Far Northern Gulf region for the first time.

Work has begun on building 60 short-stay camping and caravan/RV sites at the remote thermal springs on the Einasleigh River, 360 kilometres west of Cairns on the Savannah Way.

 The development will also boast a swimming pool, camp ground amenities, picnic shelters and a café.

The Cairns Post reports that access to the geological wonder, which is 65 million years old, will be made possible by new access roads and boardwalks.

Following the arrival of the first visitors in May, the venture will bring an estimated 7,000 visitors and generate up to $1.7m a year.

The springs lie within a 31,500-hectare former cattle station, now a protected area and understood to be the only tiered thermal hot springs in Australia.

Talaroo Hot Springs’ Sheena Walshaw said visitors could learn about the history and geology through the eyes of traditional owners: the ­Ewamian people.

“It’s a great new outback offering on the Savannah Way and it is completely unique and unlike any other experiences (travellers) can have,” she told the Cairns Post. “It’s really important for the Ewamian people to get back on country and for them to share with Australians and, in time, with people across the world is very exciting.”

Planned tours include the Spirits of the Springs dawn tour, another tour will teach about early pioneering stockmen who once cooked corned beef in scalding 80C water.

The project has been funded through the Queensland government’s Growing Tourism Infrastructure Fund.

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  1. Sounds good
    We much enjoy the numerous sights and destinations of FNQ

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