State of Australian roads not improving, says report

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Potholes are problem for grey nomads
Is this sight becoming less familiar than it used to be?

A new report has revealed what most grey nomads already knew … there are some shocking roads out there in Australia!

Australian Local Government Association data has revealed that the overall standard of our roads and bridges hasn’t improved in four years, with 10% of roads in a ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ condition.

Some 70% of local councils provided data for the 2014 ‘State of the Assets’ report, which didn’t indicate there was a decisive difference between the state of urban roads and rural roads.

It concluded that 10% of urban sealed roads are in poor to very poor condition, compared to 11% of rural sealed roads. In terms of unsealed roads, some 23% of urban roads are in a poor or very poor condition, compared to 15% of rural roads.

But Association President Troy Pickard told the ABC that rural councils simply find it more difficult to fund road repairs.

“There’s not a marked gap, but there is obviously a bigger challenge for rural councils because they have a smaller rate base,” he said. “The propensity for their local communities to pay for what is a significant road network on a per head population is a big challenge.”

He said Local Government as a whole is spending $7.5 billion each year on road renewal, but there’s still a $1.2 billion shortfall.

“If you have a backlog and don’t address it, that backlog increases in size, and that’s what we’re experiencing here,” he said.

  • Do you think the state of our roads is improving or getting worse? What road or stretch of road do you think most needs some work? Comment below.

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4 Responses to State of Australian roads not improving, says report

  1. I can remember driving many a highway and byway years ago
    all I can say is most are better than they once were
    that’s not to say in todays terms a lot need work

  2. Considering the amount of fuel taxes going to the state from fuel (gST) plus allThe fees for rego etc there should be enough money to keep our roads in much better condition than they are, NSW extracts significant amounts of money from car owners and the Pacific highway has some of the most dangerous sections and some of the roughest Sections in the country, whilst urbane roads are an absolute disgrace so much for the promises of both State &Federal politicians.

  3. The Great Ocean Road in Victoria. It’s a shocker!

  4. We have travelled the Bruce Highway so far from Cairns south to the turn off to Hervey Bay; it really is in bad repair even though a lot has been upgraded it leaves a lot to be desired. The Federal Government should be spending a hell of a lot more money on this major route. Our roads in Western Australia are in better shape for the time being but for how long. Most highways major and minor roads now have to support road trains from 2 to 4 trailers.

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