Van-on-street storers must ‘keep toys in their garage’

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Caravans are kept on street
Council is cracking down on ‘toys’  being left on the street. PIC: Tertius Pickard/Gold Boast Bulletin

The Gold Coast City Council is pressing ahead with its massive crackdown on the parking of caravans, trailers and boats on local streets.

Legal changes introduced by council could also prevent residents from moving vehicles like boats onto their front yards, and enable officers to enforce multiple fines on repeat offenders.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reports that Deputy Mayor Donna Gates has led the push for the crackdown and, at a transport committee meeting, successfully moved to have officers fast forward a report before Christmas.

While it’s not currently illegal – under state government laws – to park vehicles under 7.5 metres long on the street, Council is hoping to change it with a new local law.

Officers are seeking to frame a law which will prevent registered trailers, boats and caravans of an overall length of less than 7.5m being parked on streets for extended periods.

“It’s absolutely out of control,” Ms Gates told the meeting. “People should not have to live with that sort of amenity in their street anyway … there’s plenty of storage places, it’s a joke.”

Council transport committee chair Pauline Young said residents should ‘keep their toys in their garage’.

“We spend our whole life telling our kids pick up your stuff and put it back in your room, the people who are purchasing their additional vehicles are storing them on the roads, and the roads are for public use,” she said. “They’re there for a year, they are there for nine months and then they go away for a long weekend and store it on public roadways for 11 and a half months for a year.”

Cr Young told the Bulletin the challenge for council in policing the parking was at least half the garages in the city were full of storage or had become kids’ rooms.

“People aren’t using their garages for garaging of vehicles,” she said. “They’re putting their own vehicles in the streets, and their toys as well … it’s a problem that got out of hand.”

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18 Responses to Van-on-street storers must ‘keep toys in their garage’

  1. Well if you can afford to buy one then you can afford to get it off the street

    • The attitude of “If they can afford it …………” Just smacks of jealousy and totally misses the point. You do not know they’re individual circumstances to be judging them. I’d guess than some on council have family members who own storage facilities. I agree that caravans and boats can congest a street but the rule of envy is not a logical or decent way to act. Let people enjoy their lives and stop changing the rules because you are yet to realise your dreams.

    • If you cannot park them on your own property, then spend the money & park them in storage. I live in a retirement village, and that is exactly what I do. Not hard, and don’t complain about the extra cost, you should take that into account when you purchased.

  2. I note that the photo within the article is a Motorhome not a Caravan or Boat, which would be exempt of any new Law as long as it has current registration.
    Never the less the “toys” should be parked in/on private property – It is the Gold Coast Council (I believe), is seeking to prevent the parking of the “toys” in front yards. to improve the streetscape. I am of the view that if I own the property I can park my currently registered “toys” anywhere on the property as long as I don’t create a dangerous situation.

  3. More nanny state decisions by power hungry local politicians who think they are elected to control residents rather than represent them..

  4. You should be allowed to park them on your property. I don’t like the look of some yards, but have to put up with house, my yard, my look as far as I’m concerned

  5. House blocks are too small these days,not like the old 1/4 Acre blocks of yesteryear.

  6. if we aren’t allowed to park them on the street then why not only pay the registration fees for the time they are actually used

    • Absolutely ..this is done in NZ and when we had a vehicle there it was in storage and registered when needed for say 3 months. They want it every way here!

  7. Houses are being built with standard garage & carport heights so they will not fit in

    • And you would fight tooth and nail to have one of appropriate height permitted!

  8. I can’t see how parked in your own yard is an offence.
    Councils just getting sillier by the month

  9. I thought that the article in question was about parking your “”TOY”” on the street area and not the persons property.
    I do agree re parking “”The Toy”” on the street. The street is there for the use of all the public.
    Mind you, motor vehicles will be the next issue and is worthy of comments at another time.
    No problems re parking “The Toy” in one’s front yard. But the street is another concern.
    John Rodgers

  10. Whilst I agree that there are many instances of RVs, boats etc.congesting suburban roads and impacting on local residents amenity, it is crazy to devolve State Government laws to Councils. If anyone could consider that local Councils would police parking laws with a modicum of common sense then ok, but we are all aware of the inept and often corrupt behaviour of Councils so leave laws and regulations with the State Government. They are bad enough. And for Goodness sake let people park their RVs on their own property unless a neighbour complains it is affecting their amenity in the same way we deal with barking dogs and such.

  11. The other part of the problem is that developers of new estates are allowed to design the streets so narrow that it is difficult to pass just one normal vehicle that’s parked.

  12. Mervyn has hit the nail on the head.
    Developers with the connivance of local councils have allowed streets so narrow that even the Garbos object .
    If the council expects us to pay for storage yards then we should get a commensurate rebate on our rates.
    See how that flies!

  13. What is it they say ????
    ” Where Else But Queensland “

  14. here in NZ most people don`t even park there cars on there driveway ,let alone in the garage which are usually filled with clutter ,kids stuff and don`t forget the`mancave`55ins tv and sofa .!! bloody crazy . I agree with council if you can`t get it on your own property, fine the bol—ks off em

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