Caravans-parked-on-street crackdown has stalled

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Should vanners be allowed to store their vehicles on the street? PIC: Sutherland Shire Council

A planned crackdown on the parking of caravans, trailers and boats on Gold Coast streets has reportedly stalled.

Last month, local councillors asked officers to consider legal changes which would prevent residents from moving certain vehicles on to their front yards and enable multiple fines for repeat offenders.

Officers had considered developing a law which would prevent owners of registered trailers, boats and caravans of an overall length of less than 7.5m being parked on streets for extended periods.

The initiative was launched with a ‘keep your big toys in your garage’ warning.

However, the Gold Coast Bulletin reports that an investigation by officers has found that, based on the complaints received across two years, that it was ‘not a prolific city-wide issue’.

Pathway records showed only 34 councillor requests regarding boats and trailers — and of those, only six led to remedial action.

The council officer’s report to the transport committee said that a check on ‘hot spots’ led to an audit which found only 54 boats, trailers and caravans on those streets, with six bigger than 7.5m and illegally parked.

“There is currently no avenue to legally restrict a specific vehicle type through regulatory signs,” the report said.

The Bulletin says the report indicates that, for the council to introduce a legally enforceable sign, it would need to be designed and approved by the State Government.  Council would also have to amend its laws to ensure officers could undertake compliance.

Officers said the government through letters from the Transport Minister in 2011 and Premier in 2015 had not supported changing road rules.

The Bulletin reports that, during committee debate, Broadbeach councillor Paul Taylor said he was disappointed by the report.

“I do believe we can change the local law,” he said. “I do believe the government can change the local law.”

But Councillor William Owen-Jones said the State’s rules were based on national laws and ‘we can’t make stuff up’.

According to the Bulletin, Councillor Hermann Vorster suggested to Cr Taylor that a potential solution was to extend restricted parking in his division to cover areas where caravans and boats were parked for long periods of time.

However, Cr Taylor indicated that a survey of residents in one street indicated they did not want restricted parking zones.

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6 Responses to Caravans-parked-on-street crackdown has stalled

  1. If it’s a road registered vehicle, be it a car, trailer, caravan or whatever, it’s is legally allowed on the road, whether it’s being used or not, surely the only way this could happen is for the council to put up “no parking” signs,

  2. Perhaps council should stop approving housing estates with land so small that you cannot park on your own property.

  3. I feel that if a boat car or caravan (Legally registered in that state) should not be subjected to some councillors whims to move unless they are over the 7.5 mtr.
    People do not always have the “Off street parking” facility nor sometimes the ability to find parking close by or funds to pay some exorbitant costs,
    as in my case I do pay for my caravan to be off street parking, but not my boat which is only .4.9 mtr,

  4. Gold Coast City Council approved these housing estates with very small blocks of land and narrow streets. They made their bed, now they have to sleep in it.

  5. Stalled
    They must have realised the huge backlash there would be and how logical it was. If a caravan trailer or boat is registered and parked what difference is it to a registered car.

  6. Surely the issue here is allowing govt. to dictate what can be parked on your land. We own it surely we have the right to park anything we like on it.

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