Here comes the bitumen! Strzelecki sealing to start

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Strzelecki Track to be sealed
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The relentless push of bitumen into the bush, and onto some of Australia’s most iconic tracks, is continuing apace.

The 472-kilometre Strzelecki Track, which passes through the Strzelecki Desert linking Innamincka and Lyndhurst, is a favourite with adventurous grey nomads … but the dust and the the corrugations may soon be a distant memory.

In one of South Australia’s biggest regional road projects, the Marshall Government is investing $10 million to seal the first 50-kilometres of the 472-kilometre route, beginning immediately north of Lyndhurst.

The project is expected to create 31 jobs over the life of the project, and commence in the third quarter of this year, with expected completion in the last quarter of 2021, weather permitting.

“Sealing the Strzelecki Track has been talked about for decades and will unlock massive economic potential and growth in regional South Australia,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government, Stephan Knoll. “The nature of the unsealed road makes it inaccessible during wet weather and flood events, negatively impacting on the efficient and safe operation of road users, especially freight.”

In the three-month period from February to April this year, there were four inclement weather events which saw the road being closed for 13 days.

“We are prioritising this project because it will improve the livestock supply chain, increase regional tourism, reduce environmental impacts and slash freight costs for the resources sector,” he said. “We will continue to work with the Federal Government to secure funding for the remainder of the Strzelecki Track but it’s important we get the ball rolling on getting this track sealed.”

The Minister said the Government was also open to considering private sector contribution for upgrading the remainder of the track.

  • Would you like to see the Strzelecki Track fully sealed … or do you think it might ‘spoil’ the adventure? Comment below.
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7 Responses to Here comes the bitumen! Strzelecki sealing to start

  1. I rode that track, 4 years ago, and even I thought it was bad on the bike, washboard corrugations galore. The same trip, I did the Tanami, and I thought the Tanami was better, as The first time I did the Tanami in 1983, with a car mind you was a nightmare, but no the Strzelecki, is way worse. I hop the Federal Gov. also stumps up the money for the THe Great Central road as well. Have not been on it, but believe it is a goat track on the NT end.

    • I agree with you Ric. I have been criticized in the past for suggesting the inland roads, like the Strzelecki, Tanami, and Great Central, be sealed by the urban cowboys. Ask Steve Graham ( Outback Truckers ) if the Great Central should be sealed. He uses that road on a regular basis; Perth to Alice Springs etc

  2. I should point out that I did both tracks on a push bike in 2016, not a motorbike, also towed a dog trailer with my dog on board. The Tanami track, I have a good story about meeting a donkey on the last 350km and he followed me all the way to Halls creek and his new home.

  3. It worries me t5hat we all like to go 4X4 and every road is being Top Dressed. All the 4X4 r0ads are in the Suburbs

  4. Please also keep in mind the enormous financial cost and impact on sourcing road base materials for sealing roads and tracks…its huge, and some tracks are just that, tracks, they then need bridges, culverts and the like, just saying that’s all. IN some parts of Australia, the very attraction is the isolation, remoteness and the off roading. A huge quantity of gravel will need to be sourced and this is often stripped from the nearby landscape. I dont oppose development, I’m just saying, priorities and thought for the cost at a time when perhaps there are other priorities, maybe?

    • Do you think Joh Bjelkie- Petersen thought about the cost when he sealed those Developmental roads in far North West Queensland. If Joh hadn’t sealed all those roads when he did, they’d still be dirt and inaccessible alot of the time. A rough sealed road is better than a rough dirt road any day, especially if it’s your only road to town

  5. That’s right OBB..theyd do well first to fix up all the existing bitumen Backroads that are really falling to pieces everywhere.

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