Tassie national parks set for tourism development

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Should anywher be off-limits for eco-tourism developments?

Tasmanian national parks are quickly becoming the next battleground in the great eco-tourism debate.

After a number of mainland states had already given the go-ahead for limited developments in our parks, Tassie’s Liberal Premier, Will Hodgman, followed suit earlier this year and called for similar activity on the Apple Isle.

According to the ABC, the government has now received 37 proposals, including one to build permanent hut-style accommodation along the South Coast Track bushwalking route. The other 36 development proposals will remain confidential while they are assessed by a panel appointed by the State Government.

“We are looking after our precious natural areas but we’re also going to use them to increase the number of tourists that come to this state, to grow our economy, to leverage off what is one of our great competitive advantages,” Mr Hodgman told the ABC.

The government wants tourism operators to take advantage of development opportunities inside national parks and World Heritage Areas.

Supporters say the eco-tourism push could be an economic game changer for Tasmania’s job-starved economy and lead to resorts, cruises, helicopter flights and adventure sport tours.

However, Greens leader Christine Milne says any plans to develop in World Heritage Areas and national parks should be strongly resisted.

“It’s all about a quick buck. How can you get a quick buck and it doesn’t matter if it destroys it into the long term?,” she told the ABC. “Once you start slapping in roads, once you start building resorts you are in real trouble in World Heritage Areas.”

• Could well thought-out eco-tourism developments in Tasmanian national parks help more people enjoy relatively inaccessible areas and boost the local economy, or should they be resisted at all cost? Comment below.

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One Response to Tassie national parks set for tourism development

  1. Is it all about a quick buck
    big business will do anything to get the almighty dollar
    the national park mob are going overboard and trying to lock out a lot of us out.

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