Tassie’s ‘tourist shop window’ set to get facelift

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Underwhelming! Tassie's 'shop window' is set to get a facelift.
Underwhelming! Tassie's 'shop window' is set to get a facelift.

After widespread criticism of the underwhelming first impression given to grey nomads and other travellers when they disembark the Spirit of Tasmania after arriving in Devonport, the authorities are to take action.

A decision to award the contract to beautify Tasmania’s sea gateway at East Devonport will be considered at tomorrow night’s Devonport City Council meeting … and it can’t come soon enough  for many.

Ex-councillor and prominent local businessman, Jeff Matthews, has previously said that most grey nomads wouldn’t even know they were in Tasmania once they step off the boat.

“We need a wow factor and the first impression people get is a poor one,” he told the Advocate newspaper. “This is the front door to the state and visitors need to know they are in Tasmania the most unique part of Australia.”

After the Federal Government committed $3 million for the State Vehicle Entry Point Project, the council advertised late last year for consulting firms to assist with the design and management of the new-look entry point.

“The project aims to beautify the Tasmanian sea entrance at East Devonport to create a welcoming environment, encouraging visitors to explore the north west of the state and experience the attractions available,” Mayor Annette Rockliff said.

Cr Rockliff said the timeframe to finalise the project scope and execute the grant deed was extended until the first quarter of this year, whilst TT-Line and TasPorts clarified any on-shore impacts associated with the arrival of the new Spirit of Tasmania ferries.

According to the Advocate newspaper, council general manager Matthew Atkins said the tender considered at tomorrow’s council meeting is to engage consultants to start working on the design process.

He said “this will include working with TT Line and Tasports in coming months to understand any impacts of new berthing arrangements”.

Mr Atkins said the council had until June 30 to prepare the initial project concept design.

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9 Responses to Tassie’s ‘tourist shop window’ set to get facelift

  1. A pretty port entry isn’t what holds people back from utilising the ferry – Customer reticence would be better relieved by a severe reduction in vehicle and caravan fares/costs. It is far cheaper to fly across and hire a vehicle for touring.

    • Possum, why would any business reduce fares, when they are almost always fully booked /? Have you evertried to make a booking with a caravan or motor home?

    • Not true, cost of hiring a car for 3 months or more plus motels far out weight fare for a caravan. The port does need a face lift

  2. Everyone knows you dont judge a book by the cover…or the front entrance….we all know about the beauty of Tassie before we get there, and once you arrive and see a shabby port, what are you going o do, turn around and go back…no way…like Possum said, its the cost of the Ferry that is far more important that the appearance of the port…we want to go and take our van, but the Ferry cost is significant.

  3. I’m a single 65yo lady, taking my, 21’ van, myself and little dog over 09/03 – I didn’t think it was that expensive, I have my own accomodation, I can take my dog, no time frames I have to adhere to. Go when and where I want, night 1 Davenport caravan park

  4. I reckon it could do with a bit of a spruce up though as it was pretty tattered around the edges when I was last there in 2014. Six more years on top of that of salt air etc would only worsen the tatters.

  5. Need to lower the fares for Motorhomes, even with the Federal Govt paying half they are still far to high. Stops us and lots of other people going over. A Motorhome takes up less space than two cars but they charge for 6.

    • Gee that is just robbery.
      No wonder people don’t go.

  6. Costs is what has held us back for sure. We would love to take our caravan over there and spend s few months but not at current costs even with subsidy.

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