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Edition 85 has been released

One of the biggest travel trends of the next few years is likely to be the growth of peer-to-peer services, so what will it mean for grey nomads? Will camping on private land replace staying at caravan parks? The newly-released Issue 85 of the Grey Nomad Times finds out.

The latest edition of the GNT also discovers how travellers can keep in contact with the ‘real’ world no matter how remote a location they find themselves in, we meet a pair of ‘newbies’ who are loving life on the road, mistakes and all! And, if that’s not enough, we also waddle on to a high-octane island, and Jaclyn and Heidi sort out a backwards-looking grey traveller.

Our two pages of letters are as lively as ever … and don’t forget to check out our grey nomad ‘jobs’, ‘items for sale’, and ‘housesits’ in our burgeoning Classifieds section. If all that is not enough, our popular quiz is sure to get you scratching your heads. And our growing number of picture puzzle ‘addicts’ will love this issue’s challenging conundrum. Enjoy!

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