The historic 100th edition of the GNT is on the streets

Published: July 3, 2015

It’s been four long, wonderful  years since the Grey Nomad Times was published for the first time … and now the historic 1ooth edition is here to brighten (even further) grey nomad lives.

As most travellers know, budgeting for the Big Lap can be a nightmare … but the GNT finds out how you can still make your sums add up to a dream lifestyle .

We also take a chilly trip to the loo, take a trip around Adelaide (via Memory Lane), put a stop to texting while driving, and Heidi brings a nostalgic old timer abruptly back into the real world.

The latest edition also brings a full page of Classifieds offering a mountain of jobs, housesits and items for sale.

As usual, there’s plenty more happening on the Big Lap … and it’s all in our bumper eight-page 100th edition. Enjoy!

If you’re not already receiving the GNT, click here and put ‘subscribe’ on the subject line to sign up and get your copy.

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Val Brown
7 years ago

Hi, looking to buy a motorhome & finding it all a bit daunting.


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