The schoolies are coming – and so are sky-high fees!

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Grey nomads meet with schoolies
Schoolies are ready to party ... but are you?

It’s one of the least favourite times of the year for many grey nomads … Schoolies!

While graduating high school students are eager to let off a little steam, their enthusiasm for late-night partying and high jinks are not always shared by fellow holidaymakers.

And it’s not just noise and rowdy crowds that are the potential problem. Reports are coming in of massive price hikes to caravan parks in areas popular with schoolies.

For example, more than 10,000 school leavers are expected to flock to the beachside town of Victor Harbor, south of Adelaide, but they will be paying for the privilege.

7News reports that some caravan parks are charging prices four times higher than off-peak rates.
It says the Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park, is charging $200 per person per night for a cabin, and $100 per person per night for a powered campsite.

Another caravan park a few streets away has apparently also upped its rates for schoolies to $116 per person per night for a cabin … and $63 for a powered site.

Holiday Park management told 7News that the price hike was needed in order to cover the thousands of dollars spent on security, maintenance and cleaning during the Schoolies festival.

• Do you plan ahead for Schoolies? Have you ever been affected by rowdiness at Schoolies time, or do you think reports of poor behaviour are exaggerated? Have you noticed a site fee hike? Comment below.

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4 Responses to The schoolies are coming – and so are sky-high fees!

  1. Oh yes, the prices go sky high and while it might be difficult for the grey nomads who are on the road permanently, I make sure I find a spot far, far away from the popular areas during school holidays.

    Apart from the crowds and the noise, I think the holidays are a time for families and the young ones to have their turn. Retired folk (like me) can be much more flexible with their traveling.

    I am not a fan of caravan parks even in the off season, but they are great for families and provide a service for those who need power and amenities.

  2. Re: The schoolies are coming.
    travelling down towards Bunbury WA recently, we were surprised to see one of those electronic scrolling billboards with the message. 2014 SCHOOLIES TEXTING BAY AHEAD, Apparently to deter schoolie’s from texting on the road to perhaps obtain or share their exam results. One of the good signs of our times.

  3. answer; don’t go anywhere near the coast.

  4. What would you expect ???

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