Grey nomads devastated by theft of dream caravan

Published: August 7, 2021
Caravan theft

A grey nomad couple have been left shattered after the caravan, which they described as being their pride and joy, was stolen.

Merv and Linda Roberts had recently returned to their Brisbane home after a trip to the NT, and were getting some work down to their van before setting off again.

And that’s when things went wrong.

Their 2007 Dreamhaven Crusader was at a caravan business getting some alterations done when at least two offenders cut a hole in a perimeter fence in the middle of the night and made off with it.

The Courier-Mail reports CCTV footage showed someone getting out of the passenger’s side of a dark coloured single cab 4WD vehicle and hooking up the caravan, before the whole set up disappeared up the road.

The Roberts have recently spent around $7000 doing the van up, with a new TV and solar panels added.

“It was our pride and joy, we had spent thousands on it to get it all ready,” Mr Roberts told the Courier-Mail. “I nearly broken down in tears and my wife did break down in tears.”

He said it was likely the thieves intended to sell on the 22’ caravan.

“The price of caravans has skyrocketed since this epidemic,” Mr Roberts said. “I would say I could’ve sold it for close to $40,000 I reckon … they went for the good van that they could sell, it’s got everything you need in there.”

When asked what he thought about the those who carried out the theft, Mr Roberts was unequivocal.

“They’re scum,” he told the Courier-Mail. “They don’t realise the consequences of their actions or they don’t care.”

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Ric Moffet
5 months ago

I hope the business, pays them out for it, because the van not being at his own house, is likely not going to be covered by their own insurance.

5 months ago
Reply to  Ric Moffet

Should be covered by business’s insurance

B Williams
5 months ago

So you’re saying Ric that if you have an accident on the road your caravans not insured because it didn’t happen at home

Leith Eastwell
5 months ago

Most caravan dealerships/repairers will take all care but no responsibility
as far as insurance against theft from their premises is concerned.


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