Man trapped in drop toilet trying to recover phone

Published: September 6, 2016
pit toilet in Norway

As possible events that grey nomads have nightmares about, this has got to be up there with the very, very worst of them.

Every camper who has ever gazed nervously down into the darkness of a remote drop toilet and wondered ‘what if?’ will shudder at the story that came out of Norway last week.

A 20-year-old man became trapped in a pit toilet after he made the terrible mistake of climbing inside in an attempt to recover a dropped mobile phone.

Cato Berntsen Larsen had to be rescued by firemen from an outdoor public toilet in the small town of Drammen, outside Oslo.

“First we tried to get the phone with a stick but that didn’t work,” he told local news agency VG. “So I jumped in!”

Mr Larsen was quickly overcome by nausea and vomiting as he desperately tried to pull himself out of the tank, which is only emptied once a year.

The fire brigade were then called to get the foolhardy phone lover out of the proverbial.

“It was a fairly easy task for us. We sent a four-man crew with a chainsaw and they cut open the front of the plastic toilet,” fire brigade spokeswoman Tina Brock told VG. “It was pretty full down there.”

The rescue was apparently a ‘first’ for the local fire brigade.

The phone was not recovered.

  • Have you ever dropped something into a drop toilet? What lengths would you go to to retrieve a dropped phone or wallet? Comment below
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5 years ago

Well he really was in the shit wasn’t he

5 years ago

Ohhhh, and it serves him right for taking his phone to the toilet, some people can’t live without a mobile phone permanently glued to there hand, just had to make a call even when having a crap

4 years ago

hahahaha omg this is so crazy!


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