Credit offer to those caught out by ‘streamlined’ tolls

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tolls for grey nomads with caravans
Many grey nomads were unhappy with changes to the toll charging system

Grey nomads left counting the cost of a ‘streamlined’ system for toll charges in New South Wales have been offered at least a partial reprieve.

There was widespread outrage from caravanners after toll operator, Transurban, consolidated its classification settings across all of its roads in August. It meant that from that point on, vehicles more than 12.5 metres in length or more than 2.8 metres in height would always be classed as Class B vehicles.

In effect, that meant that most vehicles towing a caravan would be charged at the same rate as giant B-Doubles.

Transurban – which has investments in major Sydney routes such as the M2, M7, M5, the Lane Cove Tunnel, and the Eastern Distributor – said the changes would create greater consistency across Sydney’s motorway network.

However, it appears that some of the criticism from grey nomads – many of whom say they were unaware of the changes until they received charges up to three times higher than they had previously paid – has had an effect.

A retrospective toll credit is now being offered to privately-owned motor vehicle drivers who were charged a Class B toll rather than Class A because they were towing a trailer or caravan which made their load greater than 12.5m long or above 2.8m high. The credit or refund will be the difference between the higher and lesser charge.

This credit will be available for trips taken between August 26 and Monday, December 16, 2019.

Anyone who thinks they may be eligible is encouraged to contact the Linkt retailer call centre on 13 33 31 and request the credit or refund. There is also more information on:

“Before these classifications came into effect in August 2019, we proactively engaged with our most impacted customers to explain the changes to them with phone calls, emails and letters … however, we understand there may be additional customers who were not aware of the changes,” said a Transurban spokesperson. “To help them, we are offering a grace period to help deal with this adjustment. This means private customers who have been charged the higher toll between August 2019, when the changes came into effect and Monday, December 16, can have their charge reduced from the Class B cost to the Class A with the difference credited to their account.”

  • Have you been affected by these increased toll charges? Do you appreciate the gesture from Transurban? Comment below.

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16 Responses to Credit offer to those caught out by ‘streamlined’ tolls

  1. This is a disgusting rip off. I have had it happen to me. Although it is easier and safer to use the motorways, me and my Jayco will be back on the old roads. What is a bigger insult for me is the big toll for the short drive from Silverwater Rd to Parramatta, a couple of kilometres. Another example of what happens when clueless governments privatise services.

  2. I was only effected once so not worth the hassle for the refund. By the time I use the system again and if that happens the charge will be B anyway so I will just live with it or go another way. I agree it’s a rip-off though but hey, that’s the way it is. Should be just a double AA charge at most. Struth, if my rig was the weight of a massive loaded up semi I would be taken off the road and chucked in the clink.

  3. How much is the revised charge ?

  4. Like I said before why would anyone want to go near the place.Stevo.

  5. How accurate is your measurement system? My car and single axle caravan combination is 2.75 meters in height and 12. 2 metres in length, will that put me in the B class even though I will be under spec?

  6. It’s just a grace period to shut us up.
    It’s bloody disgusting. They’re not backing down, they’re just deflecting. Scum mongrels and the government has sold us out

  7. Avoid Tolls is now ticked in my GPS

  8. Phoned as suggested in your article, they referred me on to E-toll who my account is with. Guess what they no nothing about it!!!!

  9. I have just applied to have the retrospective credit applied to my acct. Has had a dispute lodged, will take 2-3 business days to get the outcome……

  10. I feel better now. I woke up this morning and had nothing to be offended by, but now I can be offended. My day is complete.

  11. Thanks for the update on this issue. I’ve just rang Transurban . Supplied all the details and have been given a case number. So now time will tell. Fingers crossed

  12. Phoned as suggested in your article, they referred me on to E-toll who my account is with. Guess what they know nothing about it!!!

  13. The RMS/E-toll told me I could not claim for my vehicle and caravan because it’s over 12.8metres, they also told me it was in Transurbens court they owned the M2/M7. Guess what the Stare Governments owns
    49%. I now use the Cumberland Highway and I save around $36

  14. I will be avoiding the Transurban rip-off and use secondary roads despite a slower trip. With a height of 3.1 metres , length of 7.5 metres and combined weight of 5.5 tonne, my rig has insignificant effect on the road compared to a B-Double.

  15. Another rip off for pensioners. Work all our lives to get ripped off from taxes and when we retire to enjoy what time we have left we are still being bled dry.

  16. I went south in my ute and tolls cost $9-00. Picked up a van 3 hrs south and returned to Qld. Tolls in the same location on return trip cost almost $50. What a joke, especially when you have to be registered in NSW to get the rebate even though I have a linkt toll token. This is the last time I will ever venture anywhere near Sydney.

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