NSW Government feels the heat over streamlined tolls

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toll roads in NSW upsets grey nomads
Will the NSW Government buckle to grey nomad pressure

The outcry over the ‘streamlined’ vehicle class system now used on many toll roads in New South Wales looks like it may be having an impact.

For the first time, the state government has pledged to ‘look into’ the issue which sparked outrage from grey nomads.

The problem initially came to the fore when toll operator, Transurban – which has investments in major Sydney routes such as the M2, M7, M5, the Lane Cove Tunnel, and the Eastern Distributor – decided to consolidate its classification settings across all of its roads.

Vehicles more than 12.5 metres in length or more than 2.8 metres in height will now always be classed as Class B vehicles. The measurements are based on the overall height and length, which includes any items installed on the roof, carried or towed.

Under the current system, there are now only two vehicle classes in NSW. This means cars towing caravans are lumped into the same class as B-doubles, forcing them to pay an exorbitant amount to use our motorways.

What it meant in effect though was that some grey nomads are being charged three times what they were a few months ago for taking the same road in the same vehicle.

In Queensland, there are four different vehicle classes as opposed to two.

The pressure is finally beginning to have an effect in New South Wales. Although the government initially blamed Transurban for the high toll prices, it could now be thinking about having a change of heart.

Appearing on 2GB, Roads Minister Andrew Constance, has promised to look into the issue.

“I’ve asked to see what I can do in that classing of A and B,” he said on the Ray Hadley show. “So that’s what I’ll go and do, see what I can do and go from there and come back to you as quickly as I can.”

• Do you think the toll system in New South Wales needs to be changed? Have you been shocked at your toll charges? Comment below.

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11 Responses to NSW Government feels the heat over streamlined tolls

  1. Well as here in Victoria our utes pay light truck prices and I as many more avoid the toll ways as I will in Sydney and towns therefore loosing out on mine and many others money’s good look with that Sydney

  2. We currently pay for f7& f2 going nort or south in our motorhome at just on $40 each way. When the new tunnel opens which i understandwe must use ,will this add a 3rd toll charge on top of the other two? Surely a multi use discount could be looked at.

  3. Well I know if these charges continue, I will be one of many caravaners congesting the suburbs.

  4. Yes and that’s what we did in the last couple of weeks

    • My apologies Carol. Didn’t understand. What did you do in last couple of weeks?

  5. We don’t go anywhere near the NSW extorsion roads. There are plenty f was around them on roads our taxes have paid for apart from double dipping pollies and transurban highway bushrangers, Ned Kelly looks like an honest man now.

  6. Surely these contracts were negotiated with the NSW Govt. when the toll roads were built. How is it possible for transurban to up the tolls at all, let along to this extent without the complicity of the NSW Govt.

  7. Yep, typical GN – I will spend $20 to avoid paying $10. Don’t you just love ’em.

    • So this is putting money into the pocket of someone who needs it and not a toll company.

  8. Why would anyone want to go anywhere near Sydney anyhow. Stevo.

  9. Was not informed by the toll company of the rise and it hurt us badly.
    Since then we have now avoided the M7 on two recent return trips.
    We just drive early out of peek times without traffic problems.
    Bad luck to the robbers they will miss our dollars.
    What we save on tolls we spend in the bush to help decent Aussies.

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