Toll refund ‘grace period’ extended until February 29

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Higher toll charges grace period
The grace period for higher toll charges for some has been extended.

Toll operator Transurban has extended its grace period for travellers ‘caught out’ by a vehicle classification change which left many paying significantly more for using certain roads around Sydney.

Last August, Transurban – which has investments in major Sydney routes such as the M2, M7, M5, the Lane Cove Tunnel, and the Eastern Distributor – decided to consolidate its classification settings across all of its roads.

The company said that, before making the changes, it engaged extensively with its most impacted customers to explain the new approach.

The new consistent approach to tolling across Sydney meant that vehicles more than 12.5 metres in length or more than 2.8 metres in height were to be classed as Class B vehicles. The measurements are based on the overall height and length, which includes any items installed on the roof, carried or towed.

Previously, the same vehicles could have been classified differently on different roads. What it meant in effect though was that some grey nomads were suddenly being charged three times more than they had been for taking the same road in the same vehicle.

Unsurprisingly, there was quite a backlash from travellers, particularly those who didn’t know anything about the change until they noticed a much higher than expected charge on their accounts.

Trabnsurban reacted to the furore by offering a retrospective toll credit to privately-owned motor vehicle drivers for trips taken before December 16 last year. The credit or refund was the difference between the higher and lesser charge when drivers were charged a Class B toll rather than Class A because they were towing a trailer or caravan which made their load greater than 12.5m long or above 2.8m high.

Now, Transurban has extended this grace period for trips taken up until the end of this summer, February 29, 2020.

“We accept some customers may not have been aware of the changes and offered a retrospective grace period between August 26-December 16 allowing a credit or partial refund for those eligible private customers who incurred a higher toll,” said a Transurbam spokesperson. “This offer has been extended now until February 29 in support of the NSW tourism campaign and we encourage all eligible customers to contact us on 13 33 31 if they would like this credit or refund.”

More details are available here.

Transurban says it has also expanded its Trip Compare tool to help give drivers more information. Drivers can compare live and predicted travel times for tolled and un-tolled routes. This enables a comparison of time savings, sets of traffic lights avoided as well as the cost of the journey.

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11 Responses to Toll refund ‘grace period’ extended until February 29

  1. I have decided to avoid the toll roads when towing the caravan. The toll roads are safer and easier, but toll charge is just a rip off.

  2. Drop these charges altogether, and revert to car rates for privately registered motorhomes, regardless of height or length. I refuse to use tollways while I am charged truck rates. So we both lose.

  3. I am afraid we will bypass the M2 and M7 towing our caravan when heading north and south. How can the vehicle for rego be classed as a normal car and then on the toll road be classed as a truck!!! It just doesn’t make sense. Just greed by the toll operators.

  4. Recent trip towing our van thru Sydney and avoiding the tollway added measely 10min but saved us $37 on the new govt sponsored toll cash grab.

  5. I don’t mind paying to use the Toll roads BUT when towing a van that weighs less than tne tow vehicle we should only be charged the same rate for the van as the vehicle towing it. To put it simply Transurban are in for a money grab. They certainly didn’t spend a cent on TV ads to warn people

  6. “The company said that, before making the changes, it engaged extensively with its most impacted customers to explain the new approach.”

    Did they contact me – No, did they contact you? – would be interesting to know just how many ‘impacted customers’ they engaged extensively with!!

  7. Issue on increased tolls by Transurban needs to be made political same as dividend credits at federal election look what happened to Labour on that one.Write to or contact your local state member to stop this RIPOFF.

  8. Toll system stinks I’ll never tow my van on toll rds again I’ll add to the already congested local roads. Try obtaining the credit or refund Linkt know nothing about it and cannot help. I feel its just a hoax to stop all the complaints

  9. I will avoid the toll roads from now on when towing the caravan. The toll roads are safer and easier, but not worth three times the charge for a recreational vehicle, it’s a rip off.

  10. As I understand it — the tolls were put on to pay for the “new” highway so it would take away the congestion until the highway was then paid for — @ $10 / day toll how come the haihway isn’t paid for yet ?? with 10,s of thousands of vehicles that use them every day — Money grabbing at max

  11. I’m glad we don’t have toll roads here in S.A. it’s bad enough get caught in a carpark where the system doesn’t work and you have to call for help to get out. Of course parking on the street doesn’t help either when you have to pay $8 for a 20 minute park.

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