Transurban extends higher toll ‘grace period’ again

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Toll increase grace period extended
Many grey nomads have been 'surprised' by the higher charges

Caravanners and motorhomers who have been caught out by the sudden increase in tolls on several major roads near Sydney have been given another reprieve.

Transurban has announced that it is extending the grace period for grey nomads who have had to pay the higher charge until Anzac Day, April 27.

The saga began when the toll operator consolidated its classification settings across all of its roads in August. It meant that from that point on, vehicles more than 12.5 metres in length or more than 2.8 metres in height would always be classed as Class B vehicles.

In effect, that meant that most vehicles towing a caravan would be charged at the same rate as giant B-Doubles.

Transurban – which has investments in major Sydney routes such as the M2, M7, M5, the Lane Cove Tunnel, and the Eastern Distributor – said the changes would create greater consistency across Sydney’s motorway network.

However, it also meant that many grey nomads were charged amounts up to three times higher than they had previously paid, and a huge number were unaware of the changes until they received the bill.

Not surprisingly, it created quite a backlash and Transurban responded by offering a refund for the difference between the higher and lesser charges for trips taken between August 26 and December 16, 2019.

Now, that period has been further extended.

“We have decided to extend the grace period until Monday, April 27 in support of the NSW Government’s campaign to encourage holidaymakers to visit NSW regional towns over the Easter and ANZAC Day periods,” said a Transurban spokesperson. “This means customers travelling with private vehicles towing loads such as caravans and charged the higher toll from when the changes came into effect August 2019 and April 27 2020 can have their toll reduced from the Class B toll to the Class A toll with the difference credited to their account by contacting us on 13 33 31.”

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8 Responses to Transurban extends higher toll ‘grace period’ again

  1. Good luck if you have a Etag I contacted Linkt Sydney on the 19th of January and no reply tried ringing and the operator’s say they know nothing

  2. We will always by pass the area when travelling with our caravan.

  3. We avoid Sydney like the plague. Now with the increase in toll charges even more incentive to stay away.

    • Yep.
      Why go to big cities nothing but cost crime trouble rude people lack of space and headaches.
      There is so much more to see and do outside major centres

  4. I will always bypass any toll roads as the amount that is being charged is absolutely ridiculous i am a traveler not a business so my use of those roads would only be one way not back and forward multiple times a week

  5. We got stung going through the tolls last October. We are from Qld. I rang the Qld office, was told to ring head office. Rang HQ and was told don’t know what you are talking about. sat for a few weeks and had another go. logged into our account and online chat came up, gave all details, when where and how much and was told case lodged, could take a month or so. within 3 days, had a refund onto my account pays to keep on their backs. shouldn’t have to, but sometimes you have to to make a point.

  6. These Tolls were put on by government to pay for roads — Now it is just a money grabbing lurk for american companies, and governments that are going broke and trying to cripple our life styles ??

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