‘Mini tornado’ wreaks havoc in NSW caravan park

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high winds hit Singleton caravan park
Multiple vans suffered serious damage. PIC: Singleton Argus

Large numbers of caravans have been seriously damaged after what has been described as a ‘mini tornado’ swept through a New South Wales caravan park.

The wild wind left a trail of destruction in its wake as it smashed into Singleton’s Country Acres Caravan Park on Saturday night.

Approximately 18 caravans were seriously damaged in the carnage, with SES volunteers attending to multiple caravans with roofs missing or detached.

Marie Cloak told the Singleton Argus that the outdoor awning attached to her caravan was blown straight off and the wind was so strong she couldn’t open her door.

Singleton caravan park hit by winds

High winds wreaked havoc in the park. PIC: Singleton Argus

“My van lifted maybe a foot off the ground, everything on the table flew off, it hit the ground,” she said. “When I was able to get outside I walked around and there were caravans down everywhere.”

Marie described the incident as unusual as it was not only isolated to the park, but to certain sections of the park.

“There were tents there that didn’t even know anything had happened until they saw lights when assistance arrived,” she told the Argus.

Apparently, the freak wind disappeared as quickly as it had arrived.

The owners, Murray and Simone, said the park was now a bit of a mess.

“We’ve had significant damage to our amenities block,” Simone told the Argus. “It took out the pool fence and one of our vans was totally flattened … a lot of people who were staying here had damage to their vans.

No serious injuries reported as a result of the incident. The cleanup on the site continues.

“I believe it was all over in about 60 seconds,” said Simone. “It was pretty horrific.”

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One Response to ‘Mini tornado’ wreaks havoc in NSW caravan park

  1. Once in Coober Pedy in the early 90’s but nowhere as severe as the one on Saturday night.
    The vehicle was still hooked on so we were able to face into the wind.
    Pretty scary.

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