Tourism booming and Apple Isle tops the class

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It's not hard to see why tourists are flocking to Tasmania

Tasmania continues to lead a national boom in domestic tourism with an 11% increase in takings from tourist accommodation.

The latest CommSec report has found that more Aussies are on the move across Australia, adding to the boom in international tourist inflows.

While Tassie led the way with an 11% increae in tourist accommodation takings, the Northern Territory enjoyed a 4.8% lift,  and Victoria a 0.5%  rise. On the other side of the coin, Western Australia saw takings fall 4%.

Premier and Tourism Minister, Will Hodgman, said the positive results were confirmation that the Tasmanian tourism industry was booming.

“It’s great news for our economy, Tasmanian businesses and local jobs,” he told the Mercury. “And, while there is much more to do, the industry is heading in the right direction,’’

And Commonwealth Bank chief economist Craig James said the benefit of greater domestic tourism were widespread.

“Transport operators, cafes, restaurants, insurance companies and a raft of retail stores benefit when more people are travelling for business or pleasure,” he said.

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