Girl, 7, dies after being hit by caravan in campground

Published: October 11, 2021

A seven-year-old girl has died after she was hit by a caravan at a campground in Victoria’s south east.

9News reports that the girl was hit by the caravan in Tidal River in Wilson’s Promontory about 10am yesterday.

According to police, an off-duty paramedic performed CPR on the girl but she was unable to be revived.

The driver who was towing the caravan stopped and is assisting police with the investigation.


The tragedy has once again highlighted the need for grey nomads and all travellers to remain ultra vigilant in what can be a constantly changing camping environment.

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3 months ago

A horrible tragedy.

Jeanette Kent
3 months ago
Reply to  Possum

I feel for both families at this time. As no one wishes for this to happen to any family

3 months ago

It is not only the driver’s that need to be vigilant. People go on holiday and kids run wild parents leave them to do what they like. Camp areas aren’t safe play grounds

3 months ago
Reply to  Gary

Absolutely agree with your comment Gary. I feel for the driver also.

3 months ago
Reply to  Gary

Totally agree, everyone wants to blame someone else, but where were the parents. I know you can’t be with your kids all the time but please stop blaming everyone else.

Irene Travers
3 months ago
Reply to  Gary

Exactly our experience at my caravan parks. Couldn’t agree more with your comment.

Kerry Beckhaus
3 months ago
Reply to  Gary

As a mum of 4, I totally agree. It always stressed me out when my kids took off & cars were moving around. I always tried to keep my kids close to came. This is so sad

3 months ago

To many drivers in caravan parks ignore the speed limits and think they are on race tracks.

3 months ago
Reply to  Elaine

I think not, in this case anyway, towing a caravan????

Dave Saffell
3 months ago

A devastating accident. I feel for both the driver and parents of the child

Dennis Mitchell
3 months ago

Tragically a child has been killed, no further details that we can learn from like was it speed, no look out when reversing, kids being kids running around (full of energy and inertia) so devistating for the parents and all involved including the paramedic

3 months ago

The sad part to this tragic story is that we never find out what caused the actual accident and loss of a life. But we sure get plenty of comments some good some bad. People are very quick to say things before knowing the actual cause of the accident.

3 months ago

Sounds like a pure accident. No point in laying blame. Parents should have been watching the kids, the driver should have someone behind watching, it’s just an accident that could have been avoided. Sincere sympathy to the parents and family, and to the driver of the van.

Pat from the Top End.
3 months ago

Extremely tragic..!
Always expect the unexpected..!
Travel safe..

Robert Murray
3 months ago

Let us all wait for the police and coroners report, before we all jump to conclusions as to cause and effect.

3 months ago
Reply to  Robert Murray

We will never see both reports unfortunately, pity because thats how we learn

3 months ago

My heart goes out to the family for such a devastating loss. I also feel for the driver who also has to live with this for the rest of their life. All People need to be aware that 5 or 10 kph can still be a dangerous speed, especially when kids and animals are involved, as they move so quick. Some believe that just because they are in a campground it is safe for kids to run a everywhere and anywhere, and a lot of kids now have very little, if any, road sense, (not saying this is the situation here)

3 months ago

Well not knowing all the facts I won’t take sides.
Far too often parents let kids run wild I camp grounds, shops & public places. Would not m matter if this was a young or older driver, outcome could still have been same. Sad for all.

3 months ago

Two things:

1) Those with caravans or anything else, even just a car, need to look out for kids.

2) Kids need to be properly looked after. In the early 90s, in my car with no reversing camera, I almost totalled a two year old who had run behind my car and bent down when I was getting in. I started to reverse and saw horrified looks on people and slammed the brakes on, in a panic. I got out and the mother ran from about 30 metres away saying thank you, over and over, to me. Look after children, parents. Even today, not all cars have reversing cameras.

3 months ago

Reverse cameras should be mandatory on trailers, caravans and cars for that matter. Had there been a camera, it is much harder to run over somebody, whether they are watched by a mother or the mother is drunk passed out.


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