Trap set as three-metre croc seen in van park lake

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Crocodile in Townsville caravan park lake
A crocodile trap and warning signs have been installed at the Rollingstone BIG4 caravan park. PIC: Supplied/Townsville Bulletin

A trap has been set for three-metre crocodile which has been seen in a lake at a popular caravan park near Townsville.

Two crocodiles were initially spotted at the BIG4 Rollingstone resort on June 11 and, while a smaller 2.5-metre croc has since been captured and removed by the Department of Environment and Science, the larger reptile remains on the loose.

The Townsville Bulletin reports that signs have been installed at the park, warning visitors of the possible danger lurking in the lake.

The BIG4 resort, which is popular with families and pet-friendly, has three lakes stocked with barramundi.

BIG4 Rollingstone declined to comment on the crocodile trap.

A spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Science man told the Bulletin that people should expect crocodiles in all north Queensland waterways and should stay away from crocodile traps.

The department is also currently targeting a number of ‘problem crocodiles’ around Townsville and Ingham.

The Department of Environment and Science said the trap at the BIG4 Rollingstone resort remains in place.

“Crocodiles that pose a threat to human safety are targeted for removal under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan,” the department spokesperson said.

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12 Responses to Trap set as three-metre croc seen in van park lake

  1. they go with the territory, ignore warnings at your own risk, after all, if you camped in Alaska you’d haft to expect ice?????

    • Well said Bob. Makes a lot sense. 🙂

  2. Less crocs the better. Time for a cull

  3. Definitely need to be culled.

    • They probably think there should be a cull of humans. They were here first!

      • “A cull of humans”, Really?

      • You are the only one to make sense. Just don’t near their Home. The same as you don’t want others in your Home. Culling isn’t the Answer.

  4. The conservationists and green movements have gone too far.
    Crocodile populations are increasing exponentially and are living longer resulting in more larger problematic crocs. I can no longer go fishing in my tiny in a number of rivers due to problem crocs. We are well overdue for a massive cull.

  5. These are the problems we face when the “do gooders & greenies” get the ears of weak government. Agree with the culling comments.

    • Let’s just destroy everything we don’t like. Not the the Answer.

  6. Darwin population -= 132,000.
    Saltwater Crocs in the Top End = 150,000

  7. Camped about 50 metres from that sign at the moment.

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