Turkey Beach makes good on its free camp promise

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Turkey Beach welcomes grey nomads to camp
We said you're welcome ... and we meant it!

The small Queensland coastal community of Turkey Beach has made good on its promise to lay down the welcome mat for grey nomads.

Less than a week after we reported that the Progress Association there was looking at ways to   encourage travellers to visit … it has announced 48-hour free camping is allowed, effective immediately.

“At this early stage there is no designated area signed but we are working on that with council,” said Luke Streeter, the President of the Turkey Beach Progress Association. “For the time being anywhere along the esplanade is okay.”

He recommends that grey nomads try the boat ramp car park as it is away from traffic noise.

“There is a toilet block on the esplanade although we do not have shower facilities as of yet because of lack of water, and there is no electricity,” said Mr Streeter. “We have submitted to council a request to have a dump point put in and they have agreed to this … but this could take some time.”

Mr Streeter says that he hopes the 48-hour camping restriction at the village, a 28 kilometre drive in from the Bruce Highway, will eventually be extended.

“The sign at the turnoff saying ‘no camping’ will be removed by council in time, but for the time being please put the word around that people can now ignore this sign,” he said. “We look forward to having you all come stay in our community.”

Turkey Beach, 90 minutes south of Gladstone, has a population of 470 and is renowned for great fishing.  The local general store sells grocery items, fuel, bait, gas, and alcohol.

Are you impressed with the speed with which Turkey Beach has turned words into action? Do you think other communities might take a leaf from its book? Comment below.




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31 Responses to Turkey Beach makes good on its free camp promise

  1. Very impressed. We will definitely be making a stop there ASAP

  2. It is good to see that someone is noticing that there is a market place out there in Nomadland..

    I am sure the word will spread very fast and the sooner someone removes the No Camping sign the faster they will reap the benefits of having a free camp in their village..

  3. We`ll be up that way next year and will visit.

  4. That will be great

  5. good to read. lets hope the privilege is not abused by “wickeds” and the likes and the responsible grey nomads don’t end up cleaning up after them as we do.

  6. bugga……just gone past there yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lets hope it does not get abused by people living there for weeks. Great to see some communities are being pro-active. Have passed the turn off many times and will have a look next time.

  8. When we head off on the big lap/s in 12 months time we will definitely be supporting places like this! With any luck it will not be on the ‘Wicked campers’ regular routes.

  9. My thanks to the business community to the council for making the stopover at Turkey beach a 48 hr rest ing place without infringement ..I’m sure this will be a win win for council and grey nomads….highwayman…

  10. Good on you Turkey beach progress group, thank you , you could give lessons on” how to do business ” I am sure it will not be abused

  11. Great news, I’ll definitely stop by Turkey Beach…

  12. Great news, I hope it does not get abused by the backpacker fraternity in their cheap and nasty hire vans.

    • We find backpackers clean and tidy and very friendly unlike many we could name. Labelling is not nice as each person is different and who gives a damn about the size of who’s van?

  13. Fantastic not only for the grey nomads but for families from Gladstone to enjoy as well..Congrats to the Turkey Beach Progress ,and if you get a dump point before Boyne Tannum lookout ha ha /

  14. This is excellent and more will follow.

  15. Very quickly done. Great for travellers and those who live in Gladstone and around. Dump points are a big bonus so good luck with that 🙂
    Will spread the word around our other old hippie mates who have not made the full leap yet but still get out on weekends to Moura Weir and places around Gladstone and Bilo

  16. Finally a community that is thinking and giving themselves a chance of having more money come into the town

  17. What a breath of fresh air we see from this council.
    We will support your area next time we head north.
    Well done, and we hope that other communities similar to yours will see fit to follow suit and support the grey nomad community of Australia.

  18. Don’t get too excited re this new camping spot along Turkey Beach esplanade.
    Gladstone Regional council in QLD denies 48hr camping now available Mayor Gail Sellers said the reports were incorrect.

    • Are we able to get this confirmed or is it just rumour????

  19. Hi Ladies and Gents. sorry for any misconceptions. This is for self sufficient caravans only. As far as we, the association are aware If you are totally self sufficient you are allowed to pull up and stay for a period no longer then 48 hours anywhere u like. I personally am investigating this today. This is caravans only. No camping as such! I have contacted the deputy Mayor this morning to sought this issue out. He was at the meeting when this was discussed.Will get back to you ASAP with outcomes.

  20. Hi Ladies and Gents. It would appear that although it was decided at our last monthly meeting that anyone can stay for a period of no longer then 48hours. We have just found out, under council Bylaws which we, the association were not aware of that it is not permitted to camp at Turkey Beach as of yet.

    ( Under Subordinate Local Law No. 4 (Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads) 2011
    Section 2 (d) It is prohibited for all roads within the Gladstone Region Local Government Area for Camping, sleeping, occupying or remaining overnight in a vehicle stopped on a footpath, shared path, water-channel or gutter.)

    However, now that this has come to our attention, we are now in the process of registering Turkey Beach as a free camp. Hopefully this does not take to long and we will be able to welcome you all here in the near future. My sincere apologies for this mistake and I will personally keep you all up to date on what happens with this matter. What This Space.

    Luke Streeter
    Turkey Beach Progress Assoc Inc

    • Thanks for that, It is very much appreciated,
      I am a fully self contained M/H, So I dont need or use Caravan parks,
      But I do need food and diesel, and any thing else that takes my fancy to buy in your town,
      You will end up the winners with your Free parks,

      Google gets your message out there, They will come to you,

      Good job, Cheers,

  21. good on the progress association, turkey beach your town will prosper through this decision.

  22. Great!I am into fishing, and will visit on my next trip south. I usually goto 1770,but its getting too commercial. Thanks to the progress assoc… Bill

  23. Good on you all at the progress assn , we too will make a point of supporting you and spending in your community.I work my travelling out on how much it cost me per day, therefore if I havent spent money on over priced parks like 1770, and get the odd night free ,we make a point of spending what we save in that community. Congratulations on some forward thinking.CHEERS.

  24. Heading to turkey beach today in self sufficient caravan. Is there free stay there at the moment?

  25. What a fabulous place. Such great service at the little shop. Come & support this little community. The township fighting for respectful campers to come & visit. To The Lord Mayor, let the grey nomads, we’ll not all grey come & enjoy this beautiful little community. The locals make you more than welcome. Remember do the right thing, take your rubbish, respect the environment & respect what you have come to enjoy. Thank you Turkey Beach locals for making us welcome.

  26. It’s now October 2014. We are coming up your way soon. Would love to know whether we can free camp at Turkey Beach yet?
    Yvonne Tom

  27. new to caravaning please let me know if i can stay some where close to water i like to fish thank you

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