Trapped climbers rescued from crevice on Uluru

Published: September 20, 2016

The dangers of climbing Uluru have again been highlighted as three 22-year-old men had to be rescued after becoming stuck in a crevice.

The ABC reported that the three tourists spent the night stranded at the top of Uluru after they wandered off the path while climbing the rock about midday on Monday.

The rescue operation took approximately 11 hours.

Claire Barker, Southern Regional Manager from the NTES, said the vertical-rescue team faced treacherous conditions.

“They’ve got to put up with the wind blowing them around, and you know often the ropes get tangled and stuck so they have to climb down, fix that and then keep going,” Ms Barker told 783 ABC Alice Springs. “So they have done an amazing job overnight, and we congratulate them and if it wasn’t for them, the three guys wouldn’t be in a very good condition this morning.”

Ms Barker said the seven-person rescue crew had only their head torches to guide them to the men.

“Where they were situated was very steep and we couldn’t get them to climb up from where they were, they were actually stuck.

“So our guys had to start from the top of the rock to where they were and pluck them off, now while that sounds very easy, it’s actually very arduous and very difficult,” Ms Barker said.

The NTES said apart from being a bit dehydrated and very hungry, the men were in good condition.

The volunteer emergency crew abseiled about 520 metres and used about 1 kilometre of rope in the rescue effort.


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