US grafitti ‘artist’ makes her mark in national parks

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A sketch at Crater Lake, Oregon. (Instagram)

A graffiti ‘artist’ has defaced numerous beauty spots at America’s most iconic national parks … and posted photos of her ‘work’ on social media.

The brazen acts of disrespect have sparked outrage among national park users, and the hunt is on to track down the perpetrator, a 20-something woman from New York.

The now defunct Instagram account of Casey Nocket showed her daubing pictures on national landmarks at sites including Yosemite, Death Valley, Joshua Tree and Rocky Mountain National Park.

According to the Denver Post newspaper, she used her account on the photo-sharing website to defend her work.

The 'artist' at work

The ‘artist’ at work

“It’s art, not vandalism. I am an artist,” she reportedly wrote.

More than 10,000 people have signed a petition calling for the authorities to “pursue the most serious of charges for these offenses”.

The US National Park Service has said it can’t discuss details of a case under investigation, but takes issue of vandalism seriously.

“There are forums for artistic expression in national parks because national parks inspire artistic creativity,” it said. “These images are outside that forum and outside the law.”

  • Have you ever seen graffiti at Australian beauty spots? How seriously do you think these sorts of offences should be taken? Comment below.



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