US woman killed guiding RV into tight parking spot

Published: July 8, 2015

A woman has been killed after her attempts to guide a large motorhome into a tight parking space at an American truck stop went horribly wrong.

The 74-year-old was hit by the vehicle – which was being driven by her husband – and died at the scene.

Police say Mary LeMay from Tennessee “was standing outside of the RV guiding the driver (her husband) into a parking space at the time of the accident”.

The vehicle also hit a petrol pump and two vehicles. Nobody else was hurt in the incident at the Flying J Truck Stop in Davenport in the US state of Iowa.

The husband was taken to the hospital for a “medical evaluation”.

Police say there are no charges pending at this time.

  • Do you sometimes struggle to park your large rig in tight parking spots? Should towns and service stations do more to make it easier for travellers in large rigs to park safely? Comment below.


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7 years ago

The biggest issue we have with Servo is the Woolworths stations. They are built on a postage stamp piece of land, and as such, we prefer to visit others who have a large service bay to suit a large rig.
I am not a great fan of parking in very tight spots, although I have had to do so on occasions, like at a C.P in Port Douglas where we were packed in tighter than you know what!!!
Love the wide open space of the great land.

Robyn Davies
7 years ago

We always go to the big servos that have the huge truck bays to fill up our Dodge Ram when we are towing our 21ft van. Easy and quick. We also always inform caravan parks in advance (if we need one) the total length of our van including the draw bar and the length of our vehicle. They generally get the math right, sometimes they do not.

John Christopher
7 years ago

Almost impossible to find a ‘truck friendly’ servo in any city. ive learned to top up on the outskirts of cities before entering them, because I know there is nowhere once you hit the outer suburbs. They actually seem to design stations to discourage large vehicles these days. No idea why. Often we could get into one but, at 33ft plus a 15ft car trailer, we’d never get out again!


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