Van park snakebite victim survives terrifying ordeal

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Death adder notes at caravan park
Watch where you tread.

It’s the stuff of nightmares …. but, happily, a man bitten by a deadly snake at a caravan park south of Broome has survived the ordeal.

The man in his 40s was rushed to Broome hospital after he was bitten by a snake believed to be a death adder. The man had been returning from his evening shower when it is thought he stood on the snake in a darkened area.

Steve Appleby, who owns the caravan park 160 kilometres south of Broome where the incident happened, told the ABC that the man named ‘Robert’ was working as a contractor at the nearby Bidyadanga Aboriginal community.

“The biggest result he got was pretty severe shock, bordering on panic, which I think anyone would do if they’d been bitten by a snake,” Mr Appleby said.

The ABC reports that the man’s workmates responded immediately by applying a pressure bandage to the leg where blood spots were found. They then started driving him to the nearby community health clinic.

The man was kept at Broome Hospital overnight before being released.

Venomous snakes are known to be able to deliver ‘dry bites’ where venom is not released, when biting out of fear rather than in a feeding situation.

Are you nervous of snakes when camping? Would you know the correct first aid steps to take in the event of a snakebite? Comment below.

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6 Responses to Van park snakebite victim survives terrifying ordeal

  1. I had a lucky call a couple of weeks ago at Beechworth when i stood on a copper head snake just outside the park. Lucky for me the weather had been very cold, just 10 degrees the day before and it was very sluggish. It didnt try to bite me though, just said, get off, which i did rather quickly. They dont scare me at all, i grew up with snakes all over our property, but i dont like the surprize of meeting them much though when im not expecting it.

  2. hi there and we will be moving to australia soon to be with the kids. we are buying a rig and going nomading inbetween staying with the kids. coming from south africa we are used to snakes but most people carry snake bite kits when in the wilds and we wander if the same applies in australia. cheers see ya on the road brian and pepe

    • Yep, hubby and I always carry a couple of good bandages in our pocket or back pack when out walking or on the bikes as well as a full first aid kit in the rig, both fifth wheeler and truck. Snakes are every where here so it pays to be prepared. We have most of the snakes in the top 10 most deadly here, although its only the king brown and Tiapan that give me the willies.

  3. I am glad that the person survived but such incidents really cause trouble for the people as, they have a fear in their mind that the same incident might occur again.

  4. Stevo Yes the only good snake is a dead one.Although on a recent trip to Ballina sitting under awning having a few sherberts with the neighbours a 10ft carpet did everything but prop himself up on the chair next to me. Quite a curious and friendly fella.Mind you our drinking buddies wife didnt want to be as close as she pole vaulted from the camp table to the bonnet of the nearest car. Stevo.

  5. On May 29, (2 days before the start of winter), I was on my farm in the south west of Australia, near Jarrahdale. I decided to go for a walk through the forest part of the property. The area was very gravely, covered with large patches of dead leaves and alot of spinifex. The first 5 meters of the walk I encountered a common death adder just near my foot so I left that area pretty quick.

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