Caravan parks backflip on plan to ban hotspot guests

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Lorne Foreshore Caravan Park changes policy
Back on the agenda ... Lorne Foreshore Caravan Park. PIC: GORCC

The three Victorian caravan parks which had just announced that they were to ban travellers from coronavirus hotspots in Melbourne have backflipped on the decision.

The Great Ocean Road Committee, which runs the chain of parks at Lorne, Torquay and Anglesea, had initially cancelled all bookings from guests living in Hume, Casey, Brimbank, Moreland, Cardinia and Darebin.

The parks said they made the call to protect the health and safety of staff and visitors.

However, in a new statement, it said visitors from the areas would now be welcome.

“The restrictions we announced yesterday for our caravan park guests living in hotspot areas has now been updated,” it said. “We made the decision based on what we thought was best for our staff, guests and local communities.”

The statement continued:

“We have now updated our decision based on advice from the Chief Health Officer and will welcome all guests, including our twelve-month permit holders back into our parks.

“But please remember, if you feel unwell you should stay at home. If you have symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19), however mild, you should get tested. It’s up to all of us to make this work.”

The initial decision had sparked a furious backlash by some who had planned to visit the park but thought they were to be barred.

The change of heart came after Victoria’s Chief Health Officer said that residents in hotspots who felt well ‘absolutely can’ travel.

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5 Responses to Caravan parks backflip on plan to ban hotspot guests

  1. Insane! No wonder the Vics are having some much trouble with the virus spreading. People in the hotspot suburbs should be locked down.
    Everyone in the whole of VIC including all regional & country areas who’ve never had a case anywhere them are now suffering the consequences of a few idiots in Melbourne.

  2. Who is monitoring parks in NSW ? Many Vic plates?????

    • The Vicplates are NSW tourists that CHEAT to get cheaper registration

  3. A great decision. Well done. At last some sensibility.

  4. It appears that anger and panic are still alive and well
    If hygiene and distancing take place you have more chance of being hit
    by a bus in the middle of a cow paddock than covid 19
    More people are dying in Australia from suicide than covid 19
    People need support
    Not anger and panic

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