WA opens borders to NSW and Vic … but not SA (yet!)

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WA border opens
Grey nomads from Victoria and NSW can enter WA (but they'll still have to go via the NT!)

The ‘dream’ of the borderless Big Lap has taken another giant step forward with the announcement that Western Australia’s is to open its border to visitors from Victoria and New South Wales on December 8.

The decision, which removes the requirement for travellers from those jurisdictions to spend 14 days in mandatory quarantine, is dependent on there being no Covid outbreaks before next Tuesday.

It’s good news, of course, but unless grey nomads are heading west through the NT it still leaves them with a bit of a problem.

WA still regards South Australia as ‘medium risk’, which means tough border restrictions will remain in place for that state until at least December 11.

Travel from SA to WA will remain prohibited except for those who meet strict exemption criteria, and includes a requirement for 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

Anyone seeking to drive from New South Wales and Victoria through South Australia will be subject to the same restrictions.

Premier Mark McGowan said it was a ‘remarkable achievement’ for Victoria to pass the benchmark of 28 days without community spread of Covid-19, and he expected New South Wales to reach the same milestone on Friday.

He told the ABC that Western Australia had gone 233 days without community spread of the virus, and he wanted to keep it that way.

“I just warn people that if there’s an outbreak, we’ll put a hard border up again,” Mr McGowan said. “Western Australia does remain susceptible to an outbreak given nearly all physical distancing and gathering restrictions have been removed.”

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2 Responses to WA opens borders to NSW and Vic … but not SA (yet!)

  1. Keep your bloody Kingdom open from now, this is bullsh*** we are still one country.

    • At least we haven’t got covid

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