Several Fraser Island campsites closed after spate of dingo incidents

Published: August 13, 2023

Several camping areas on Queensland’s Fraser Island (K’gari) have been abruptly closed due to ‘increased threatening’ dingo behaviour.

The Department of Environment and Science issued an alert announcing the move in the wake of another spate of frightening dingo incidents.

“Camping zones 3, 4 and 5 located between Poyungan Rocks and The Pinnacles on K’gari are temporarily closed until further notice due to increased threatening wongari (dingo) activity in the area,” it said. “This closure is necessary to reduce negative dingo interactions and allow for ongoing monitoring and dingo management.”

People with camping bookings over the closure period can change their dates or get a refund.

The campsites in zones 1, 2 and 6 and fenced camping areas at Eli, One Tree, Wongai and Cornwells on Eastern Beach will remain open.

The announcement comes just a couple of days after rangers on the island said they had been left dismayed by another dangerous, unprovoked interaction between a man and a dingo.

Senior Ranger Linda Behrendorff said the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) recently received a video showing the man holding out a water bottle to a dingo near Waddy Point beach.

“After the recent incidents on K’gari, it is disappointing that anyone would choose to deliberately interact with a wongari,” Ms Behrendorff said. “Following those incidents between people and wongari, rangers have increased our patrols and our camping area education … and despite our efforts and the publicity surrounding those recent incidents, people are still engaging with wongari on K’gari.”

She said just one interaction like this could set dingoes on the path to becoming habituated.

Ms Behrendorff said the man appeared to be a part of a large group of people, and he wasn’t aware he was being filmed.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) is also investigating two other incidents in recent days.

Two collared dingoes first approached and circled seven adults at Eli Creek. One of the wongari lunged and mouthed a woman on the thigh. A member of the group threw a stick at the animals and scared them off.

The dingoes then went down Eli Creek and approached a woman from behind. When the woman turned around and saw the animals, she fell and was bitten on the thigh.

QPWS rangers provided assistance to the woman, and offered medical treatment which was declined.

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That’s an odd coloured Dingo in that photo! Mmmm…..

Did you know pure dingo colours are as varied as domestic dogs. Pure Dingoes with no distant dog DNA can be brindle, black, sable (Alsatian colour) white with black, tan or brindle patches, pure white as well as the better known yellow. In a recent study using DNA and genome testing only 54% of pure wild Dingoes were the stereotype yellow, brindle being the second most common colour. Exactly the same as wolves, coyotes and American Dingoes

I keep on stating this close it to humans, and raise the fines to $10k for interfering with the dingo’s otherwise the humans will be allowed to stay, but they will kill all the dingo’s which would be very unfair. The dingo’s were there first.

Last edited 6 months ago by Ric

I agree Ric

I agree the fines should be raised to atleast $10k and a total ban on offenders ever returning to Fraser Island.

It’s probably a good thing to close some of the site, dingos are wild native animals and they should not be approached or fed by anyone and people just can’t help themselves. They think they are a dog that’s not a threat. You could brow beat some people and they will still do the most stupid things… Leave the dingos alone … we don’t have to be in their way at all.

The one thing I’m having issues with is changing all the names to Aboriginal names , because of feeling bad about the past in most instances and it’s not really a fair deal for all of the Australian population at large. We are a multi national country with many different languages here. If you put all Aboriginal names on things we as English Australian speaking people don’t have a clue what it means or if it’s an animal, a place or something else. I don’t think it’s a good idea to just expect people who don’t know the dialect to just be thrust into this situation. It’s very unfair. Put both names or leave it as it is and stop confusing people. This is the trouble with all of this change no one is using common sense and saying ok we need to recognise the word in Aboriginal language over time because it can’t happen all at once , but have it in English as well. Play fair and help us all , don’t dismiss our life here either we all live here , we all have our problems and we all need to get along . Don’t divide our heritages what ever they are. Be thoughtful to everyone no matter what… thanks and I expect some will kick back , but they are my thoughts . I have respect for all people … we all live here … and leave our wild animals alone … people have no idea sometimes …

I aggree.


I totally agree, we are being divided by the changes of place names.

I am absolutely over all the 4WDs driving in Fraser Is K’gari & so uneducated in not adhering to strict rules with feeding or even being close to dingoes.
Years ago our family toured K’gari by tour bus & Was told by the Coach driver “Never turn your back to a Dingo & keep together”
Queensland has some other beautiful places to visit Tewantin & even northern NSW FOR Gods Sake let Fraser Is become a visit for educated people ie scientists not the uncouth who like to spend time with the alcohol.

Yep, I can manage K’gari, but wongari, no. They’re not called that over the rest of the country.

I totally agree, and the thing about aboriginal languages is that there are hundreds of them. I bet most Aboriginals don’t even know what those names mean. We English speakers should continue to use our own language. It’s what we speak and what has meaning to us. Just like we call Germany that and not Deutschland.

I bet most aborigines speak more than one languages whereas most of us struggle with one. Plus I can never understand why English calls a foreign city by a different name? Why not what the locals call it. In the case of Cologne it is spelt Kohn and pronounced (I think) Kone.

Cologne is spelt Köln to be exact and it sounds similar to kone but kolne would be closer to the correct pronounciation. The ‘l’ in Köln is definitely pronounced.

Its the way of the woke world. Happening ‘lockstep’, across the globe coupled with mass immigration. Started in NZ on a massive scale last 5 years. In Auckland now get priority on surgical waiting lists. Fact, look it up.This tells you that is a one world Govt calling the shots and devising the narrative, all our captured, so called Democracies are following.

Problem is we are ruled by a minority who want delete Captain Cook and all the great people who made this country great and prosperous over the last 200 years.
Those minority who want us to feel bad about something we had nothing to do with, should all get on their knees every morning and thank the Aussie Diggers who fought, died and stopped the Japanese up in New Guinea from invading and owning this country…if they didnt succeed at that time you would have had a bigger problem trying to pronounce all the names of places.

Thanks Pat, my Dad was with the 2/2nd Commandos on Timor during the 2nd World War, I’m sure he would turn over in his grave if he thought that he and his other Commandos had fought and some died for our wonderful country only to have it torn apart by a very small minority.

Just love the report that the dingo “mouthed “ the woman’s thigh! Dog mouthing a new sport.

They have no food, they are skin and bone and hungry. Why wouldn’t they attack.
What is on the island for them to eat.

They are definitely not starving. Dingoes all over are naturally lean and often mistaken as malnourished, they have evolved to survive on minimal food unlike domestic dogs. A dingo is considered overweight if the ribs and thighs are not showing and renders the dingo unfit or too slow to successfully hunt.
A fed dingo is a dead dingo.

Agree The dingoes are starving as there is not enough food on the island to eat So they are attacking people so why aren’t they being feed by the government??????

Please stop changing names They are dingoes everywhere NOT Wongai. I still refer to Fraser Island


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