Traveller filmed emptying toilet cassette in sink

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motorhome waste cassette put in sink
CCTV footage captures the moment waste was poured into the sink. PIC: The Chronicle

In a hard-to-believe act, a traveller has been caught on CCTV footage emptying his van’s toilet cassette into the sink of a Queensland business.

The owners of Charchy’s on Westside in Warwick originally thought the disgusting mess in their store’s back sink was the work of kids … but they soon discovered the truth was perhaps even more disturbing.

The Warwick Chronicle newspaper reports that Adam and Mandy Nesbitt were absolutely disgusted by what they saw when watching back CCTV footage.

“We basically captured him coming round the back of our shop, emptying his van’s toilet

Cassette waste in sink in Warwick

This is the disgusting sight owners were confronted with. PIC: The Chronicle

cassette repeatedly,” Mr Nesbitt said. “When he realised it was staying in the sink, he used his hands to push it down the plug hole, as gross as that is … and then used our cleaning products to wash his hands.

While the campervan was out of the footage’s frame, the Nesbitts had managed to capture the man’s face.

“I was concerned that if he’s done it to us, he could be doing it to other people and parks,” Mr Nesbitt told the Chronicle. “We want to send a warning that this isn’t the nicest person around.”

Mr Nesbitt said he was particularly shocked to see how little the man thought twice about his actions.

toilet cassette emptied at rest area

A still from the video shot in Scotland and uploaded to social media. PIC: Daily Mail

“It was done in broad daylight, so it looks as if he didn’t care who saw him,” Mr Nesbitt said. “We were appalled. We couldn’t believe a grown up could do that.”

The Chronicle Mr Nesbitt reports that he has been overwhelmed by the support and apologies he has received.

“It’s good to see a lot of people supporting us … this community is pretty tight-knit,” he said. “We also had a lot of apologies from caravanners and campers who were really disappointed because this gives their community a bad name too.”

The dumping of waste has also caused a stir in the UK where a group of vloggers filmed themselves emptying a motorhome’s toilet cassette at a Sottish rest area and uploaded it.

The video sparked horror on social media, with critics slamming the men ‘as filthy and ignorant’, and demanding they are prosecuted.

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10 Responses to Traveller filmed emptying toilet cassette in sink

  1. Charming!

    Do idiots ever hit a point in their lives when they realise that they are idiots?

  2. It is idiots like this a**e holes that give all RVers a bad name.

  3. This is disgusting , this is giving all of us a bad name who live in their motorhome full time . There are dump points in most town , why dont they just use them .

  4. I am sorry for the business for what happen there are some animals out there. This person needs to found and prosecuted and fined a large amount of money as well as restitution to the business effected. They give the rest of us greynomads a bad name who always do the right thing.

  5. The bastard should be named and shamed !

    • that is the problem – they are not ashamed. If he could walk around and do this in broad daylight it just shows that he is nothing but a grub. Someone would know/recognise him – let the authorities know so that he can be heavily fined. That is the only way that a grub like this will be sorry.

  6. I’m speechless and that doesn’t happen often

  7. I really wonder about the mental stability of these people. I literally cannot understand how someone could do this. We use an app to pinpoint disposal locations and even on short weekend trips we take it home and empty into our waste water system. I did hope they look for this person and fine then accordingly.

  8. Some fifteen years ago, my wife and I stopped at the “Twelve Mile” rest area, just North of Newcastle, on the Pacific Hwy. I went to the toilet, and noticed a large sign saying “Do Not empty Cassettes into this toilet as the chemicals in the cassette will damage the eco system in the septic tank”.
    As I was walking back to my caravan, I passed a man going to the toilets with a cassette, and as I got back to my van, there was another van parked not far away, and the female said hello.
    I then said to her, was that your husband just going to the toilet with the cassette, and she replied yes. So, I said to her, there is a sign there that says not to empty cassettes as they damage the septic system.
    The abuse that came out of that woman’s mouth was unbelievable, she told me to F-ing go back to Victoria and to mind my own F-ing business.
    That is also a problem, that many people, seeing someone else doing the wrong thing, are not game to say something.
    As a footnote, I would say Dump Points were not as freely available as now.

  9. We know there are at least 2 dump points in Warwick so this Neanderthal has no excuse. Just selfish and lazy behaviour.

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