Sections of Outback Way now closed to travellers

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Outback Way
Travellers will no longer be able to drive along some sections of the Outback Way. PIC: NT News

Grey nomads and other travellers will no longer be able to drive along some sections of the popular Outback Way, connecting Uluru with the WA border, after a nearby community closed access to non-essential travellers.

The NT News reports that, until further notice, the Central Land Council (CLC) will no longer issue transit permits for the Tjukaruru Rd.

The Kaltukatjara (Docker River) community, located 670km south west of Alice Springs, will also be closed to non-essential travellers.

CLC chief executive Joe Martin-Jard told the NT News that traditional owners had instructed them not to issue any more permits for the Hay River, Colston and Madigan Tracks for the rest of the year.”

“Over the last few days, traditional owners from Aputula and Kaltukatjara contacted the CLC expressing concerns about the potential for tourists from interstate hotspots bringing Covid-19 into their communities,” he said. “We already know that it is possible for people to slip through the cracks and make false declarations to police, as happened this week in Arnhem Land …  these risks to Aboriginal people’s health and wellbeing are unacceptable.”

The Ngaanyatjarra Council has also advised that their communities are closed.

It comes as Mutitjulu Community Aboriginal Corporation call on the NT Government to immediately stop travellers from hotspots entering the Territory completely.

The NT News reports that Chief Minister Michael Gunner has previously said the government was not legally able to stop people from entering the NT completely.

The NT has declared the following hotspots to date: All of Victoria, Greater Sydney, Eurobodalla Shire (NSW) and Port Stephens (NSW).

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4 Responses to Sections of Outback Way now closed to travellers

  1. Shit hot. If people are going to lie to gain access than ban the whole lot. That means ALL NSW!. I wish Qld would close the border to NSW because of all the false declarations made and still being mmade. It shows utter contemp for the people of Qld and the NT.

  2. I agree with Laurie and also confiscate their car and caravan till the end of this mess send them home on a prison bus

  3. And we have idiots like Clive Palmer taking the Western Australia Government to the High Court to open the borders. Where do these type of people get off. We in WA don’t want our borders open until COVID 19 has gone. If the virus gets into the aboriginal communities, they will be decimated.

  4. It is not only interstate travellers but stupid qlders like the 2 19yr old women who went to a hotspot in Vic, came back through nsw & qld borders, knew they were positive & went to work, one at a school, went to restaurant etc & have now disadvantaged so many people. Better security checks by the relevant authorities should have picked them up. Can’t understand how they slipped through.

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