We know we are happy … but are we the happiest?

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grey nomads happiness survey
I don't need a survey to tell me I'm happy!

Retired people are among the happiest people in Australia, according to the recently released  National Australia Bank Wellbeing Index – and grey nomads may just be the happiest among them!

While it may not be amazing that those freed from the 9-5 rat race are feeling pretty good about it, the survey of 2,100 Australians did throw up a few surprises.

Among them may be the fact that widowed people are reporting higher levels of wellbeing than married couples. When it comes to marital status, widows and widowers had the highest levels of wellbeing while singles had the lowest.

“In particular, mental wellbeing, feeling part of the community and physical health are significantly stronger contributors to the wellbeing of widows when compared to married couples,” NAB economists said.

Those with no children reported higher levels of wellbeing than those with children, while the highest earners – those on $100,000-plus – were happier than those on lower incomes.

However, Australians as a whole don’t seem to be getting any happier. National wellbeing deteriorated to 63.5 points in the last three months of the year, down from 64.4 points in the previous quarter.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that, overall, wellbeing was highest in South Australia and the Northern Territory and lowest in Tasmania. Those in regional cities reported the highest levels of wellbeing, compared with people in capital cities and rural areas.

When it comes to age, women aged 18 to 29 reported the lowest levels of wellbeing while women aged 50-plus reported the highest levels.

The most important influences on positive wellbeing include personal relationships, your home and personal safety,” NAB economists said.

There was no specific breakdown on the relative contentment of grey nomads, making it high  time we conducted our own survey. So, would you describe your level of happiness as low, medium, high, very high … or off the Richter scale? Comment below.

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4 Responses to We know we are happy … but are we the happiest?

  1. Definitely off the Richter scale! If I were asked what is the happiest, least stressful, time in my life I would say right now! I never thought I would ever say that. I look at people struggling bringing up children, commuting to work, long hours of work, worrying about mortgages, etc (all of which I’ve done!) and am so grateful that I now have no debts, the freedom to do as I wish, travel where and when I like, meet like minded people, exercise when I want, enjoy hobbies I didn’t have time for…and now I can say to my “children” I am an aged pensioner, limited funds, so I can’t ‘lend’ them any money (which I have never got back,) any more! Happy? Even with a 65 yo body which doesn’t always do what I want. Why wouldn’t I be?

  2. I’m certainly the happiest I’ve ever been, but I think that has a lot to do with my dream of traveling Oz. Retirement without a dream would be pretty bland, I suspect.

  3. I agree with DEE, although I did like it when I was 20 so maybe no aches and pains and that 20 year old body now would be just that little bit better.

  4. the day I gave up f/t work was a gook day
    and the day I thru my w—- wife out was a even better day about 8or so years ago
    now live with whatever son comes to stay are great day\s
    now do as I want.
    go were I like. Sometimes with one or all of boys and there family
    now looking for a mode a transport to travel about
    yes the happiest I have been since I was single

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