‘Staying north in the wet is a very different experience’

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remote campsites in the north
Patrick likes to find remote campsites

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many grey nomads will linger longer in the north this year … and those that do should be ready for the adventure of their lives.

While Patrick Barry has spent most of the past 12 years travelling all around Australia, he is very much a Top End boy at heart, having lived and worked in most areas of the Territory since 1975.

And he says those adventurous caravanners and motorhomers who will be travelling in the north before, during, and after the wet season can expect a ‘very different experience’.

“Pre wet season, or the buildup, is a good time to travel about the Top End as the scenery comes alive with greenery and wildlife, all the waterfalls are flowing, and most campsites are quiet and peaceful,” he said. “With all the amenities available in vans today, relief and comfort from the heat and humidity is fairly easy.”

The build-up lasts from around September to December with Monsoonal rains arriving just before, or around, Christmas.

“The monsoonal period can be a little daunting in a caravan but there are plenty of periods you are able to get out and have a look around,” he said. “With modern technology available and fairly accurate weather reports it can be done safely, but be prepared to get a bit wet at times.”

Patrick says that after the wet season is also a good time to tour the Top End, with stunning scenery and the creeks and rivers in full flow.

Patrick normally travels alone in his 18’ XC3 Kedron caravan towed by a Toyota LandCruiser Ute with a 6.5 Chev motor.

“The vehicle has an enclosed aluminium canopy with side tarps … and everything required for tent camping and remote travel is stored in the tow vehicle to use when I’m in inaccessible caravan country,” he said. “I love to travel to really remote areas and find the arid and semi desert areas of the country amazingly beautiful and interesting.”

Patrick rarely uses van parks, and only does so when he needs to ‘refresh and replenish’.

“I am the master of finding good, quiet campsites,” he said. “I’ve had Army Infantry experience so I can read country very well, locating and finding old and virtually hidden rough sidetracks that lead to great campspots that no one else has been to.”

While Patrick loves to visit his grandchildren who live in three different states as he travels, he has no doubt where he is happiest.

“I really prefer my space and the quietness of being in harmony with the bush,” he said. “The Covid pandemic has not been much of a bother to me as I’m mostly always alone and isolated anyway.”

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