Wheel flies off caravan and hits car travelling behind it

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Wheel falls of caravan
Perth Now reports that a wheel flew off the caravan. PIC: Perth Now

A wheel has flown off a caravan on the Mitchell Freeway in Perth and smashed into a car travelling behind it.

Incredibly, no one was injured in the drama which happened yesterday just before the Hay Street exit.

Perth Now reports that the wheel bounced off the second car before disappearing over the barrier and down towards Market Street.

Both the driver of the car towing the caravan and the driver of the car that was hit by the wheel managed to steer their vehicles to safety without causing a major crash.

There was no significant damage to the caravan which was eventually towed from the scene.

The incident caused significant delays on the southbound lanes of the highway.

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7 Responses to Wheel flies off caravan and hits car travelling behind it

  1. It would appear that regular maintenance on this van was not carried out. We check wheels every time we leave a camp site. Glad that no one was injures

    • You can check things 100 times and metal fatigue can bite you on the bum.

  2. You picked a fine time to leave me..Loose Wheel..!

  3. its always the case, you can check your rig a hundred times but its always the unexpected that gets you every time. Glad all were safe.

  4. I had a new tyre put on the caravan at Katherine, it was when I was at Streaky Bay SA, I heard a grinding sound from the caravan, thinking it could be a wheel bearing, I went to a tyre place to discover that the three wheel stub’s were sheared off through over tightening. What would happen at 80 to 100 kh if I didn’t pick up on it? .

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