Will Tanami Track toll proposal seal the deal?

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Will they seal the Tanami Track?

Calls for the legendary Tanami Track to be fully sealed are growing louder and more urgent.

The road – the most direct route from Alice Springs to the Kimberley – is currently approximately 15% bitumen … but the Tanami Action Group wants that to change.

The community lobby group wants the track turned into a toll road to help pay for its upgrade and maintenance costs, and a feasibility study has been commissioned.

The group says it is not content to sit back and ask for government funding.

“We are looking at it as a business model to see if that will pay its way,” spokesperson Lara Wilde told the ABC. “It won’t toll local community traffic, tradespeople or tourists, but purely those heavy road trains that want to use it as a freight corridor.”

Under the proposal, trucking companies would pay around $1,000 to drive the length of the road.

“That would give everyone a fantastic road, and access which connects the Kimberley with the rest of Australia,” said Ms Wilde. “We have spoken to a lot of trucking companies, and at the moment, if you want to go from Alice Springs to Broome, you need to go up to Katherine and across the Kununurra then back down, so they would be able to save 1,100 kilometres.

She said the Tanami route saves them about 17 hours of driving and $4,500 in running costs.

The results of the feasibility study are expected to be available by early next year.

Ms Wilde told the ABC that the group had yet to speak with potential investors for the project, but there has been a positive response from government.

“If it is definitely feasible, we will be off to Canberra to have a talk with the government about underwriting the loans so that we can begin construction.”

Would you like to see the Tanami Track sealed? Is this toll for truckies a good idea? Comment below

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14 Responses to Will Tanami Track toll proposal seal the deal?

  1. Go for it, the sooner the better

    • Sounds like a great idea!

    • A great idea it would certainly get a lot of use, I’d be very surprised if the government agrees

  2. Great idea!! We would love to do it, but have a 21ft van which is not off road. We plan to go north into WA next year via Darwin, etc. and just for the experience would like to use Tanami Track perhaps back from Broome to Alice Springs.

  3. don’t we pay enough already? it is 2013. all the main roads should be sealed. perhaps less funding to other countries and more concentrated on us AUSTRALIANS ! it is our money afterall.

    • I think the intent was to just toll charge the truckies – us GN’s would not be charged. Thunderchild69

  4. Yes we pay enough already…those with big rigs will pay enormous amounts like the truckies….it’s like going to Tasmania – cost’s an arm and a leg??

  5. Excellent idea. I think the toll for truckies would be attractive to companies and owners, as it will save some running costs.

  6. Then where has the adventure and the excitement gone with outback tracks, there will be nothing left to explore and to place a toll on it I ask you will you pay a large toll I think not.

  7. I think it is a great idea that will encourage tourism in the area especially if tourist will have no toll to pay. truckies will appreciate the savings in running costs and wear and tear on their rigs. There are still lots of rough tracks to “explore” if you like that sort of thing.

  8. Adventure highway vs trade route? Hmmmmmmm………. I know some heavy haulage drivers and pilot vehicle drivers who would appreciate a half ‘decent road to work with. It’s a vehicle wrecker, and there will be more mine traffic as time goes on. A good open surface road at the very least.

  9. Sounds good but if government involved you can bet that they will want to charge everyone.

  10. I drove the Tanami 20 years ago and would love to revisit but with a 21′ Jayco its not an option so I vote for sealing the track and if it saves truck companies the hours and dollars claimed I think they would support a toll

  11. Great idea, also as a tourist happy to pay $40 or so each way.

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