Will tyre pressure checker make grey nomads safer?

Published: April 2, 2015

Under-inflated tyres are thought to be a factor in a significant percentage of accidents on Australian roads, but a British innovation could soon be making a real difference in that department.

The WheelRight solution allows motorists to check their tyre pressure simply by driving over a sensory pad instead of having to manually check each tyre. A three-month pilot scheme of the tyre pressure monitoring system has just begun at the entrance to an English service station, and the company hopes it will soon be adopted all around the world.

The expectation is that the speed and ease of measuring tyre pressures will encourage more drivers to test their tyre pressure more often. Of course, for grey nomads who routinely travel thousands of kilometres, the potential benefits can be measured in dollars and cents, as well as in improved safety. When tyres are just 20% below their recommended pressures, fuel costs rise reportedly by up to 5%, and underinflated tyres also wear out and need replacing significantly more quickly.

The system does not require any sensors to be fitted on a vehicle. It simply takes ‘in-motion’ measurements of the tyre pressures as the vehicle drives over the sensor pads. Vehicles are identified by reading the numberplate as they approach the sensor plates on the ground. Within seconds, the data has been processed and sent to the WheelRight ‘Cloud’ server where information on known vehicles is compared to the database and a report is generated comparing the actual and the recommended pressures.

The tyre pressures can be advised to the driver by a display and printout at the service station till, or by means of a text message to a mobile phone.

John Catling, Chief Executive of WheelRight, said the system could really improve road safety.

“The ability to install it on  forecourts means that every time a driver fills up with fuel there is the opportunity to check tyre pressures without any hassle and complication, which will help motorists to avoid endangering themselves and other road users,” he said.

  • Would the ability to just drive over sensor pads at a service station encourage you to check your tyre pressure more often? How often do you check your tyre pressures? Are you often shocked at how quickly they lose pressure? Comment below.
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jack alexander
7 years ago

An innovative & welcome concept, however trying to find a service station with a compressor that will pump more than 60kpa is a bit of a problem, one must hunt up a truck stop as a rule for tyre pressures more than the usual car pressures,

glen scotton [scotto]
7 years ago

which uhf channel do gray nomads favour

Adam G
7 years ago

Tyres are the most ignored item in vehicle, not until they go flat on the bottom do most people pay attention to them. A car & van is often worth in excess of $100k but people won;t spend $1k to monitor their tyres in real time, save tyres, save fuel, save the worry … it’s too expensive is what I hear too often. Until a tyre blows then its the tyre fault.
Tyre pressure monitoring is mandated in the US & the EU for all passenger vehicles, Australia ….. forget it no one cares about tyres


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