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Regular maintenance pays off in the long run
Regular maintenance pays off in the long run

The old saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ could have been created specifically for grey nomads and their rigs. The changing terrain and road conditions, the dusty tracks and just the sheer rigour of constant travelling put a strain on any rig whether it is a car towing a caravan, a ute towing a fifth wheeler, a converted bus or even a luxury motorhome. Giving your vehicle that extra bit of attention can save a lot of money and potential heartache in the long run.

Steve from Sydney religiously checks his car over before he takes any long trip after a recent breakdown.

“I was travelling with friends to Barrington Tops when my car started overheating,” he said. “We stopped at Gloucester and a mechanic told me that I wouldn’t be able to drive it until he had ordered and installed a new part. It certainly could have put a damper on the whole trip but luckily I was travelling in convoy and was able to leave my car at the garage while I spent the weekend camping in the National Park in my spare tent.”

Steve reckons the experience has changed his attitude about maintenance. “Although I’m still not a mechanic I’ve learned a few basic things to check before a long journey, I joined the NRMA and I’m much more aware of getting the car serviced. I certainly don’t want to break down when I hit the Gibb River Road next year.”

Although you can reduce your chances of breaking down by ensuring you look after your vehicles, breakdowns still happen to the best of us. Opting for the premium level of coverage on your roadside assistance policy usually provides you with unlimited yearly callouts and at least 100 kilometres of free towing to an authorised repair centre.


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